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Mar 05, 2016

Ready…Aim…Fire! Announcing the New Cub Scout Shooting Sports Awards!

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Awards are here! BSA wants Cub Scouts to take aim at fun and excitement in their packs with the new Cub Scouts Shooting Sports Awards. The awards, which are available at local Scout Shops, are offered in three disciplines:

  • Shooting sports emblemsBBs
  • Archery
  • Slingshots

To discover the new opportunities, visit the Program Updates web page and see the details for the inclusion of BB guns, archery, and slingshots in Cub Scout programs.

These programs may only be conducted at a district or council level and by qualified range masters and supervisors. Boys will earn the shooting sports awards in a particular order:

  1. Rank-level patch. Choose a discipline: BB gun, archery, or slingshot. Complete the Level 1 requirements for that discipline.shooting sports pins
  2. Discipline device (pin). Complete the Level 2 requirements for the same discipline in which the patch was earned.
  3. Additional discipline devices. Earn pins for the remaining disciplines by completing the Level 1 and Level 2 requirements in those disciplines. (Note: Both Level 1 and Level 2 requirements must be completed for each successive discipline.)

You can read the Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award Requirements here.  With rank-specific requirements and insignia, there is incentive for boys to earn the awards year after year at camp. Our youth members consistently list shooting sports as one of their most-desired outdoor activities. With these new awards, Cub Scouts will hit the bull’s-eye with fun!

Shooting sports award FAQs
Shooting sports tracking sheet

Tyson Stonehocker

Author: Tyson Stonehocker | Territory Sales Manager, BSA Supply Group / Sales / Intermountain West Territory
P  801.319.8986 | F 801.850.5332

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