By Annaleis Smith
Oct 25, 2016

Six Pillars of Cub Scouting

The Six Pillars of Scouting are not new to anyone who has read this blog for very long. I’ve also heard them called the “Six Pillars of Being Prepared” or “Why Scouting Matters.” I think I first read them back in 2014. I liked them, but… I am a Cub Scout leader and didn’t feel they really related to Cub Scouting very well. It did help when the one-word titles were assigned to each pillar but still they don’t quite fit. So, for about two years now this has been bugging me a bit and after talking with some other Scouters about it recently I decided to try to create the “Six Pillars of Cub Scouting.”

Since the six pillars were created and based on answers to a survey of LDS stake presidents and bishops, I wanted to stay as close to the original version as possible as well as keeping the “Be Prepared…” part of the explanations.  For the most part, the actual pillars relate to Cub Scouting just in a slightly different and possibly more simple way than to the older boys.  Pillar three is the only one I even changed the title of.

As a quick review…

The Six Pillars of Scouting are:


why scouting matters with titles

So, here is what I came up with as I thought about how those six pillars, those six words, relate to Cub Scouting and what we hope the boys will learn and get out of Cub Scouting. Without a lot of explanation as to why I think these work for Cub Scouting and how they relate to the purposes of Cub Scouting, here is my first draft:

Six Pillars of Cub Scouting

1 – Testimony – I am a Child of God. Be prepared by developing a testimony of Christ and understanding that we are all children of our Heavenly Father and He loves us and is always there (Everyone is important and loved).

2 – Service – I can make a difference. Be prepared by learning that we are a part of something bigger and even young boys can help/serve others. “Through small and simple things, great things are brought to pass” (Helps a boy learn to think outside of himself).

3 – Priesthood Prep – I will prepare now to be a righteous young man. Be prepared to join Boy Scouts and to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. In Scouting, I can learn about and practice leadership, cooperation, and teamwork (To be prepared to be a part of the patrol and quorum).

4 – Confidence – I will do my best!  Be prepared to stand up for myself and what I believe in by learning that I am always okay when I do my best. Individuals’ interests and skills can be different from each other but we all strive to do our own best (No comparing, judging etc.).

5 – Life Skills – I will explore and learn. Be prepared by learning about lots of different skills and topics to know what kind of man I want to be someday as well and to help me be a better member of my family right now. Life is full of SO many things to learn about and full of possibilities (All while having fun too—game with a purpose).

6- Integrity – I will remember the Scout Oath & Law.  Being honest/trustworthy at all times with myself and others will help me keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. Living by the values of the Scout Law will help me be prepared to become the best man, citizen and child of God that I can be (Trustworthy is listed first, as is honesty in the 13th Article of Faith for good reason).

What do YOU think?

I would love some feedback. Is there something you would change?  Is there something you would add or take away? Is there something that just doesn’t make sense to you? Please leave your own comments and thoughts below. Let’s create this together.

Annaleis SmithAuthor: Annaleis Smith has been a Cub Scout leader (Cubmaster, Den Leader, Pack Trainer and Cubmaster again) for 13 years. She loves Cub Scouting and how it can help a boy grow into a fine young man. She currently serves as the Cubmaster in her ward/pack and as the Utah National Park’s Council’s Vice President of Membership.

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