By Maloree Anderson
Jun 20, 2017

Discovering the ‘Simple Bare Necessities’ at Day Camp

It may be new news or old news to know that our founder, Baden-Powell was a big fan of The Jungle Book and created Cub Scouting around the adventures of Mowgli, the man-child. The Porter Rockwell District hosted a day camp called “Jungle Camp” where Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Scouts gathered to learn the ‘bare necessities of life.’

Even through the rain and cold winds, these Cub Scouts couldn’t get enough of the different activities available. The boys were educated on how to shoot a slingshot, how to carefully create works of art with pocket knives and soap, and even discovered the different types of plants on the nature walk.

Each station is strategic to the implementation of getting youth outdoors, away from the distractions of the world, to learn life skills to use not only throughout the Scouting program , but in every day life. The boys may think they are getting to shoot BB guns, but really they are learning on how to safely handle a firearm, or they may think that they are trying to win the knot tying contest when that knot they just tied could potentially save their lives.

Day camps are designed to strengthen the packs, attain the Aims of the BSA, aid the progression from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting, and so much more. The Porter Rockwell District’s “Jungle Camp” accomplished all of these purposes. More importantly, it helped the Scouts grow physically strong (obstacle course), mentally awake (shooting sports), and morally straight (Trading Post).

Want to see more of the jungle fun? Check out the picture gallery below!


Author: Maloree Anderson | is a photographer, graphic designer, mom of one, friend of Scouting and Marketing Specialist with the Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America.

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