By Darryl Alder
Feb 28, 2017

Is Your Flagpole Too Heavy for Cub Scouts?

I alway feel badly for a Cub Scout who has been given a standard US flag on a heavy wooden pole.  I have seen far too many small Cub Scouts drag a flag during opening ceremony, but there is a solution.

Tonight was our pack meeting. Since our pack doesn’t own an American flag yet, I was assigned to get one from the Council Outdoor Center. The Cubmaster and I both hefted a pole or two and agreed they were too heavy for our Scouts. So I set out to find a solution.

There is an amazing store in Provo, Flags and Stuff, that surely would offer a solution. As I pulled into park Stan, the owner, had just what I needed in his parking lawns. He always has what I want and more. 

He had adapted several flag wall mount kits with 7ft while aluminum poles. You know, those flagpoles that fly the flag at an angle from your home. He grabbed me a pole; it was very light weight, still unless the flag was smaller a Cub Scout would have trouble with it.

Stan has so much stuff at his store, it was good hed searched for a smaller flag. It was tucked away, but he found one and voila, we were set. Stan and I agreed his stands were overkill.

So I went home with my flag and pole and set out to make a flag stand. I found a small metal bucket in my shed, cleaned it up, shoved in a piece of PVC and filled in around it with concrete and river rocks. Some blue and gold paint and voila we were all set.As we honor and thank the countless men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces this Veteran’s Day, we look to the flag with admiration and appreciation. Veterans have played an essential role in protecting the liberties and rights that the American flag represents.\

Folding the Flag

Did you know the American flag is the only flag in the world that is folded into a triangle? BSA’s latest #HandbookHack, shows you the proper folding technique. Whether you’re a Cub Scout or not, understanding proper flag etiquette is an essential skill for any American. Take a look at this video below for a quick lesson on this special fold.


Darryl ThumbnailAuthor: Darryl Alder | Strategic Initiatives Director, Utah National Parks Council, BSA. He serves as Aaronic Priesthood/Scout Committee Chair in his LDS ward but loves to help his Cub Pack

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