By Darryl Alder
May 31, 2016

The Pack Committee Chair

CubmasterThe bishopric organizes ward Scouting committees to ensure that Scouting functions properly as a supporting activity… for boys ages 8 through 11. The bishopric calls several capable adults (including fathers and mothers of boys and young men) to serve as committee members. One of the committee members is called to serve as the chairperson. —(LDS Scouting Handbook p. 3)

That’s you. As pack committee chair, it is your responsibility to lead the committee; you are responsible for the administration, oversight, and support of the pack’s program and operations. This begins with staffing committee positions and working until all are filled.

CubscoutersQualified adults, including those who are not members of the Church, may serve on these committees… A Scouting committee can be as large as needed to carry out its responsibilities to the individual Scouting units… and the member [of the Primary Presidency] responsible for boys ages 8 to 10 serves on the Cub Scout pack committee. —(LDS Scouting Handbook p. 3)

Scouting committees:

  1. Meet as needed to discuss Scouting in the ward and receive assignments from the committee chairperson.
  2. Support and assist Scouting activities by providing needed services.
  3. See that the Scouting units operate in accordance with Church and BSA policies and standards.—(LDS Scouting Handbook p. 3)

You will preside at regular pack committee meetings and at the annual pack planning conference. As chair, you will also supervise committee operations, including making plans for the pack charter review and making sure that the charter application is completed online with signed paperwork turned in to council office before the end of December each year.

With these assignments and other challenges you may face,  make sure to seek needed help from your unit commissioner. This is nearly always someone in your stake, so there is someone to help near by.

Your duties also include these:

  • Maintain a close relationship with the bishopric member who is your Chartered Organization Representative (COR) and with the ward and primary to cultivate harmonious relations and maintain communications.
  • Hold a pack Key 3 meeting monthly with the Cubmaster and COR
  • Confer with the Cubmaster on policy matters relating to Cub Scouting in the LDS Church
  • Supervise pack committee operations by
    • Convening and presiding at pack leaders’ meetings
    • Assigning duties to committee members in consultation with the Pack Key 3.
    • Planning for pack charter renewal, roundup with the ward mission leader, and reregistration of all boys 8–10 in the ward boundaries
    • Approving bills before payment goes to the ward clerk
    • Conducting the annual pack program planning conference and pack leaders’ meetings
    • When asked by the bishopric and Primary presidency, using the committee to assist with nominations for Cubmaster, assistant Cubmasters, and den leaders, as needed.
    • Recognize the need for more dens, and see that they are formed as needed.
    • Work with the COR to provide adequate and safe facilities for pack meetings.
    • Cooperate with the Cubmaster on Church and council-approved money-earning projects such as EXPO ticket sales or pack services for day camp fees
    • If the Cubmaster is unable to serve, assume active direction of the pack until a successor is called and registered.
    • Appoint a committee member or other registered adult to be responsible for Youth Protection training of all adults in Cub Scouting
    • Develop and maintain strong pack-troop relationships, and work closely with the unit commissioner and other pack and troop leaders in bringing about a smooth transition of Webelos Scouts into the troop through eleven-year-old Scouts.
    • Support the policies of the BSA.

Darryl head BWAuthor: Darryl Alder | Strategic Initiatives Director, Utah National Parks Council, BSA. He has been a Pack Committee Chair, Cubmaster and Den Leader in two different LDS Ward Packs.

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