By Darryl Alder
Jul 12, 2016

The Pack Membership and Reregistration Coordinator

The pack membership and re-registration coordinator is essential to the health of the pack. There are boys in your community that need Cub Scouting—your job is to help them join.

You can learn your duties on-line or read this:

Along with the Cubmaster, pack committee and ward mission leader, develop and carry out a plan for year-round membership growth:

  • Conduct an annual census of boys in the ward boundaries for systematic recruitment.
  • Work with pack committee members to promote recruitment plans.
  • Visit new families in their homes to facilitate recruitment.
  • Follow up on Cub Scout dropouts to help return them to full, active membership.
  • Plan, coordinate, and lead the annual charter renewal process:
    – Prepare registration papers and an annual report to the chartered organization.
    – Secure signatures and registration fees for the coming year.
    – Arrange for the annual membership inventory, a uniform inspection, and the annual charter review meeting.
    -Help the Cubmaster and chartered organization representative plan and conduct the formal charter presentation.
    – With the chartered organization representative, submit a charter application and annual report to the chartered organization for approval.
  • Along with the Cubmaster and pack committee, see that eligible boys transition to the next rank’s den at the appropriate time, and that Webelos Scouts and parents and/or guardians have a smooth transition into the eleven-year-old Scout patrol.
  • Along with the Cubmaster, follow up on former pack members who are now Boy Scouts and recruit them as potential den chiefs.
  • Arrange for periodic uniform inspections with the unit commissioner.
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