By Darryl Alder
Jun 28, 2016

The Pack Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator

Cub Scout leader computerThe pack public relations and social media coordinator keeps pack activities visible to the public, as well as to the families of the pack. This person should be a social media whiz. Specifically, this person will:

  • Identify and promote pack service projects in the ward, school, and community.
  • Promote family participation in all pack events.
  • Urge pack participation in ward programs other than Scouting.
  • Publicize and promote pack activities to the entire neighborhood so that all families, regardless of their faith, can participate in Cub Scouting.
  • Use Cub Scout branding materials to invite non-member boys to join. Along with the pack committee and ward mission leader, promote new membership. Let the people in the neighborhood know that a Cub Scout pack is available for their boys.
  • Earn Scouting’s Social Media Certification, then use Facebook or other social media to inform families of pack plans, guide new parents and guardians in pack policies, and create a feeling of unity among members of the pack family.
  • Provide pack announcements for regular release in the official bulletins, newsletters, websites, etc., of the ward.
  • Make use of the news media in publicizing pack events.

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