By Darryl Alder
Jun 07, 2016

The Pack Secretary

The secretary meets regularly with the chair and other committee members to ensure proper records are kept within the pack. In some wards, this person is the ward Primary secretary, but any adult may serve in this position.committee

Specifically, the secretary will:

  • Keep informed of all Cub Scouting literature, materials, records, and forms to help leaders function effectively. Help new den leaders access needed tools.
  • Acquaint den leaders with the contents of the pack record book or ScoutBook so that they will know how to supply the information that should be recorded there to purchase badges and track progress.
  • Maintain up-to-date information on membership, leadership, attendance, and advancement in the pack record book, MyScouting tools and/or ScoutBook.
  • Maintain an inventory of pack property.
  • Handle correspondence for the pack, especially email and notices to parents. This may also include writing letters of appreciation and requests for reservations, or ordering supplies through the local council service center.
  • Maintain the pack’s Facebook page and use social media to get the word out about the pack’s programs so that families not in the pack can see what they are missing. Include information about how they can join.
  • Keep notes on business conducted at pack leaders’ meetings. Record only key items such as things needing follow-up or items for the history of the pack.
  • Notify leaders of pack leaders’ meetings and other activities.
  • Provide den leaders with records and forms for meetings.

As you can see. there are several duties for this position, but being tech savvy is  primary among them. Take some time now to learn about how ScoutBook helps other Scouters like you succeed as pack secretary.

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