By Colin Wylie
May 19, 2017

An Unusual Introduction to Scouting

Each person’s journey through Scouting is different, but this is especially the case for the Liu family from Troop 51 in Provo District. Lyncy Liu resides in Provo, and her son Regan (11) is an active member of his Boy Scout troop. She feels that his experience in Scouting has helped him develop as a better citizen and future leader. While we hope that all young men have great first encounters with Scouting, the Liu’s introduction to the organization was unusual compared to many others.

Introduction to the LDS Church and Boy Scouts in China

In 2010, the Liu family felt that it was right to temporarily move to China, where Lyncy was born. This decision changed their lives significantly, as it was a vital part of God’s plan for them. While in China, the family was introduced to the Church by some other American families who were LDS, and because they were U.S. Citizens, the family could be baptized in China.

Through their conversion experience, the family was introduced to Scouting in an unofficial Cub Scout pack. Liu admired how “professional the parents were.” During the week, Regan would attend Chinese school. On the weekend, he was involved in numerous Scouting activities.

“At a very young age [Regan] saw the difference in his Den Leaders,” Liu said.

Introduction to Troop 51

Years later, after the family returned to the United States, Regan was introduced by their neighbor, the Nish family, to join the Troop 51. Liu immediately recognized many of same Scouting values that she grew to love as a parent in China. As time has gone on, Liu recognizes that her son looked to the example of the older boys and it has made an impact on their life at home.

“Regan will always look for opportunities to help other people, including around the house,” said Liu.

The impact of Scouting is not only happening with her family, but with many people around them. Liu often writes about their positive experiences on social media and many of these posts make it back to China. Liu hopes that their experiences will help others see the value of Scouting. Regan has also been able to affect a lot of people locally and at the troops recent spaghetti dinner fundraiser, was able to invite 30 people come to support him and raise over $1000. The family has felt “very welcomed by the whole troop.”


Looking Forward

The family is excited to work together on Regan’s Eagle Scout Award and feels that Scouting is setting him up for success in the future. One of his dreams since he was five years old is to attend West Point Military Academy and she feels that the values of leadership that he has learned within Scouting will help him to get there.


Author: Colin Wylie | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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