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Jun 25, 2016

Follow the Biggest Flag in Utah

There are many Freedom Festival Events your family and Scouts might attend, but Troop, Team and Crew 1166, chartered by the Northfield Sixth Ward, of the Northfield Pleasant Grove Utah Stake, will unfurl the largest flag in the state at their ceremony.

This Eagle Project, is a fairly new community tradition, beginning with a 9/11 tribute last fall, but has been reinvented with this mission:

“We are courageous Americans who are not afraid to share our ideas, to stand out, and to strengthen each other’s patriotism.  Flying this huge flag across a six-hundred foot canyon wall has had far more impact ever anticipated. Simple idea turned into something more than ‘simple.’  The feelings standing under that flag at the base of beautiful mountains, are palpable. It becomes a hollowed place. Mothers of fallen soldiers have stood beneath the waving flag and wept. Veterans stood in silence with their hands over their hearts, tears streaming down their faces. Most importantly, children we’re absolutely inspired and excited by the site. Each one of us has the responsibility to be courageous, to speak out, to have hope, and to inspire patriotism in others.”

Ron Nix told our staff that the flag was custom designed so that it can be seen between the walls of Grove Creek in Pleasant Grove from July 4th to the 11th, but folding it and carrying it to the site is a major event itself.  With more than 50 volunteers involved, both Emerson Nix and Michael Halladay have their hands full uniting the community and moving forward.

You can walk with the flag from an LDS chapel at 332 E 500 No, in Pleasant, at 6:00 pm Sunday July 3rdThen witness the flags unfurling at Grove Creek Trail Head at 7:30 am, July 4th.  Kyle Fox said that he is “Looking forward to a goose bumping good time!”

See details below:

flag schedule final 2016


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