By Dave Pack
Jun 10, 2015

If Mothers Only Knew What Scouting Could Do

If mothers only knew that when Scouting is fully implemented in her son’s unit, he will have experiences that will support all of the parenting that she is doing at home and help him develop a commitment of what his duty to God is and solidify his testimony of Jesus Christ.


Scouting: A Mother’s Contribution

If mothers only knew that the opportunities to give service will make him a better son and brother. He will be more helpful around home and to his community. Service will give him a sense of charity that will last a lifetime.

If mothers only knew that, beyond her home, Scouting provides the best opportunity to be prepared for a mission. A good Scouting experience will allow her son to gain skills like teaching, teamwork, leadership and cooperation, giving him skills that would be hard to find anywhere else and preparing him to serve the Lord.

If mothers only knew that Scouting can give her son the confidence in life to do hard things. The experience of sacrifice and hard work is not easy in today’s environment for young men. They need the opportunity to learn confidence early and practice it regularly, allowing them to prepare for the future.

P1020396If mothers only knew that, as a Scout, her son will be surrounded by the example of men that would teach him true-life skills, men who would set an example of what he could become, men of character, men of spiritual strength, men of God.

If mothers only knew that living the Scout Oath and Law are central to what happens in a boy’s heart through Scouting. Examples of integrity are harder to find in today’s world. We need more young men to become men of integrity, to know what it means to be physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. Over time, a Scout learns what the Oath and Law are and how to apply them in his life.

If mothers only knew that Scouting can be a game changer in their son’s life in giving him the skills to succeed. I believe that mothers who do know what Scouting can do have made a difference in millions of young men’s lives. There will never be a bigger influence in the world than mothers.Thanks Mom

Thanks, Mom!


Author: Dave Pack | Scout Executive, Utah National Parks Council

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One thought on “If Mothers Only Knew What Scouting Could Do

  1. AvatarWayne Mangelson

    Dave, thank you for writing this article… “If Mothers only knew.” It might be good to actually print a pamphlet for mothers, that could include your article and other material. Do you recall the series of pamphlets that were printed with President Benson’s messages to Home Teachers, to Mothers, to Fathers, etc.? Something along that line might be good to help especially mothers who have not seen the power of scouting in action.

    Kind Regards,


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