By Jarom Shaver
Feb 12, 2017

A Lifetime of Scouting – Ken Clegg

img_3965If you have been to the Scout Shop in Orem, Utah in the last nine years, you may have had the opportunity to meet Ken Clegg. He probably helped you find a badge you were looking for or cashed you out at the register. All of this you probably noticed he did with a humble smile and an honest desire to help. Little do most people know, Clegg has been actively involved in a lifetime of Scouting since 1971.

Clegg was born and raised in Provo, Utah and never strayed far from home. Besides his four years of military service in Germany, Clegg has lived in Utah County for his entire life.

Clegg started in Boy Scouts when he was 12 and was involved till he was 17. Although Clegg was not able to achieve his Eagle Scout rank, the lessons he learned were impactful and profound on his Scouting future.

Lifetime of Scouting

According to Clegg, he has spent 20-30 hours a week as a Scoutmaster since he was called in 1971. The most impressive part is that he has done this while maintaining a wonderful family and working full time in the steel industry for 45 years.

Some of the work he has done in Scouting includes 37 years as a Scoutmaster, 44 years as a Boy Scout roundtable commissioner, three years as Cub Scout roundtable commissioner, 33 years working with Provo and Squaw Peak District Council training staff and Cubmaster for 12 years. Ken and his wife, Helen, sponsored a Tiger Cup Community Unit for nine years.

Clegg was a marathon runner, which inspired many of his Scouts to become active runners. Several of boys were State Cross Country champions.

Clegg is overjoyed that 95% of his Scouts achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, including his five sons.

Clegg claims that the key part in his service in Scouting has been his constant love and support from his wife. As we spoke, it was very clear that Clegg was sincere and very appreciative for Helens dedication and love for the Scouting program. They are both Wood Badge trained and Silver Beavers. They are both still involved in Scouting.

Opinion on Scouting

When asked about what Scouting does for youth in the Church, Clegg said “Scouting helps young men grow and be prepared for life, it makes them better priesthood holders, missionaries, fathers and men.”

Clegg said his favorite part about Scouting was being involved with the parents, boys and Scout leaders. He loved being able to serve them and teach them.

Clegg firmly believes that Scouting has helped him develop skills that have been invaluable in his career. Most importantly, Clegg knows that it has helped strengthen his testimony.

Scouting and Testimony

One of the most profound experiences involving Scouting and Clegg’s testimony was at the 1977 National Jamboree. One of the Scouts in Clegg’s troop was struck and killed by lightning. As you can imagine how difficult this must have been for Clegg, the troop and all the Scouts attending, it was a time of learning. Marion D. Hanks, emeritus general authority, came and talked with the leaders and the troops explaining that things happen for a reason and that God is in control.

Although the death was tragic, Clegg saw those principles in action like he never had before. Clegg saw an increase of faith in all of those that were involved, including himself. Clegg saw some of the less active boys become active and gain a desire to develop their testimonies. For Clegg, it was a huge miracle and blessing to see how Gods hand works in our lives.

When asked what his most proud moment in Scouting was, Clegg knew immediately what his answer was. “Seeing the boys grow into manhood, become doctors, lawyers, good fathers and good missionaries,” said Clegg. “I’ve even seen a few go and play basketball for BYU.”

Clegg has helped many from Cub Scouts all the way up to receiving their Eagles. His relationship with them does not end there. He still stays in contact with many who he has worked with. Scouting has been a fundamental part of Cleggs life and most importantly of his testimony. Although Clegg may not admit it, his lifetime of Scouting has meant the world to many.

Author: Jarom Shaver | Marketing Executive, Utah National Parks Council

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One thought on “A Lifetime of Scouting – Ken Clegg

  1. AvatarBrad Scherck

    What an eventful life, filled with many rich scouting experiences. I cannot fathom what that have been like to lose a life during a scouting activity. It is thrilling to see that even when that terrible accident happened in Ken’s unit during the 1977 National Jamboree, he continues to hold strong to the principles of scouting. I wonder if he would have made as big of an impact in the lives of so many boys if he had quit scouting after that tragic day. I know the world is different because of scout leaders like Ken Clegg. I am grateful for Ken and the thousands of unnamed scout leaders who quietly serve in their units impacting the boys around them.


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