By Michelle Carpenter
Aug 28, 2016

Scoutmaster Minute: Parable of the Kite

God gives us commandments to help us grow. Sometimes, we forget that, and we believe His laws are holding us back. A father reminded his son of the power of obedience in a short parable using a kite:

A boy and his dad took their kite one windy day, and began to fly it. The wind was strong, and soon the kite soared higher and higher. Within just a short while, they had let out all their line, and the kite was just a small dot in the sky. The boy, caught up in the excitement of flying the kite asked his dad, “isn’t the string holding the kite down? And if we let go of the string, will the kite go even higher?” To this his dad replied, “No, it is just the opposite. It is the string that holds the kite up.

If we let go of the string, the kite would fall to the ground and be lost. Sometimes we look at laws and rules in the same way. We think they are holding us back, when in truth they are the very things that hold us up. We have a free society because of these rules and laws, and because people respect the laws. Good rules and laws are there to protect people. The obedience to those laws is what lets us soar.

Excerpt from: The Scoutmaster Minute, Ron Wendel


Author: Michelle Carpenter | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council.


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