By Darryl Alder
Feb 07, 2016

Reflections on Scout Sunday

Norman Rockwell, A Scout is Reverent, Scout Sunday

Norman Rockwell depicts a traditional Scout Sunday Service from the past

This morning I awoke to a quiet dawn that broke into a blazing winter sunrise that gave me cause to reflect on the day—Scout Sunday 2016. Since 1958, this has always been a special day in my life.

Members of my pack dressed in uniform and sat in our congregation while the deacons in Scout uniform and the priests with brown ties in Exploring uniform administered the sacrament. There were talks about how Scouting helps boys improve character by teaching and doing the daily good turn or how being prepared in Scouting helped a recently returned missionary in the field. Often the Bishopric and other leaders were on the stand in uniform too. They were proud times indeed!

That ward had a long history of Scouting. In fact, our meeting house was more than 100 years old, It was nestled along Mill Creek in eastern part of Salt Lake Valley. The ward had sponsored Scouting nearly 50 years by the time I joined the pack.

Scout Sunday wasn’t the only February event though. There were Blue and Gold Banquets with Pinewood Derbies that I raced in. I watched my older brothers get badges at huge Courts of Honor and Scout Banquets. And I longed to wear one of those dark green Exploring uniforms with smart brown ties at the Stake sponsored Exploring Laurels Dances.

21st Anniversary Window Display

21st Anniversary Window Display

Every February our Pack and Troop vied for one of the two display windows in neighborhood stores. We decorated those store windows to brag, win ribbons and tell the story of Scouting.

Those are memories past, but there are plenty of ways to remember this day and the meaning of duty to God in our lives. For example, one of those Scout Sundays had quite the impact my life as I realized my Scoutmaster had a testimony; he wasn’t just the guy to took us camping, but he did take us camping every month.

I think I understood my parents belief and shared it, but that first campout when we blessed the food and had patrol prayer my eyes were opened to others religious practices. I had always kept religion for church and home. For me it was a private matter, but not so in troop 345. We prayed before leaving the meeting house for campouts and activities. Duty to God was a real part of our Scouting. I love the men and women that brought that new dimension into my life and I Iove Baden-Powell for bringing to the world.

You know this blog is like those window displays of yesteryear, especially when you repost stories in your social media. With social media you are like Scouts of the past getting the good word of Scouting out to more boys and parents and doing it better than all those old time efforts.

So what will you post this Scout Sunday?

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