By Utah National Parks Council
Jun 06, 2013

Celebrating 100 years of Eagle Scouts

This year the Boy Scouts of America celebrates 100 Years of Eagle Scouts. The Eagle Award is the highest rank a boy can achieve. The experience of acquiring the Eagle is never forgotten, the lessons learned embedded in the memories of those who walked that long road. It is an award that is recognized throughout the business community for excellence.

Arthur Eldred

Eagle Scout Medal

“Eagle Scouts are more likely to hold leadership positions, volunteer in their communities, donate money to charity, enjoy close relationships, and be goal oriented. In fact, they score better than other men on 46 different prosocial measures, according to “Merit Beyond the Badge,” a study Baylor University released this year” (2012 Annual Report).

“’We found that the effort and commitment required to earn this rank produces positive attributes that benefit not only these men in their personal and professional lives, but also benefits their communities and the country through the service and leadership they provide,’” said lead researcher Dr. Byron Johnson” (2012 Annual Report).

Today, a century after Arthur R. Eldred received the First Eagle Scout badge, more than 2 million boys have obtained this honor. Locally, at the Utah National Parks Council  61,358 have earned the recognition.

Eagle medal

The first Eagle Scout: Arthur R. Eldred


Each has left his mark on our communities and inspired others with their service and honor to God and country. Many probably do not recognize their contributions or the mark they have left.

As we celebrate 100 years of Eagle Scouts, we applaud those who have earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Congratulations to each of you and thank you for the example and inspiration to are to others.

Author: Heidi Sanders | Marketing & PR Director, Utah National Parks Council


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