By Jarom Shaver
Jan 09, 2017

All My Mission Companions Were Eagle Scouts

Last December marked my four-year anniversary of coming home from my mission. Spain was marvelous, as you may imagine. I was blessed with two great mission presidents and 11 outstanding mission companions. I could not have asked for better long-lasting relationships than those I gained while arduously serving the Lord with these faithful priesthood holders.

As I started working here at the Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America, I realized something amazing I’ve never concluded before— all of my mission companions (minus my companion from Bolivia) were Eagle Scouts.

In Spain, we did not have bikes and very few of us had cars. Many of the areas we were assigned were large. Consequently, half of our day was spent walking and contacting on our way to appointments. One thing I admired was their choice to live what they had learned and always be friendly, courteous and kind to all with whom they came in contact with as they walked long miles.

These experiences meant something to me because I never received my Eagle Scout Award. Unfortunately, I did not put in the time needed to accomplish the necessary achievements to become an Eagle Scout. However, as I conversed with them I realized what great opportunities I had missed out on.

What was most profound to me was the honor and pride my mission companions had about being Eagle Scouts. When asked if they were Eagle Scouts, boldly, with chin held high they responded, yes. They always beamed as they told me about their Eagle Scout projects and the impacting service they provided their communities.

Being a part of the Eagles nest meant something to them. As a result, this helped me realize the importance and value of Scouting for youth in the Church as they prepare for missions. Looking back now, I can see the impact Scouting must have had as they prepared to serve the Lord.

I think about the many times they must have repeated the Scout Law and how as they participated in the Scouting program, they became more trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent as they served our Heavenly Father’s children.

I’m grateful I was blessed with companions that loved the Lord. I’m especially grateful they held close the principles they learned as they succeeded in the Scouting program.



Author: Jarom Shaver | Marketing Executive, Utah National Parks Council

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One thought on “All My Mission Companions Were Eagle Scouts

  1. AvatarPeter Shaver

    Eagle Scouts are well prepared for any worthwhile endeavor they undertake in life. They have a solid foundation for the future. The trick is to maintain those standards throughout life and remember them when the going gets a little challenging.


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