By Ali Mohammad
Sep 25, 2017

FREE Shipping on Online Ordering of Scouting Advancement Awards

***FREE shipping on all online orders October 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 only!***


Effective immediately, leaders in the Utah National Parks Council who have completed their online internet advancement can order their advancement awards through our online order form and have them shipped directly to their house or pick them up at their local Council Service Center just in time for their pack meeting or court of honor.

Due to the vast geographical area of the Utah National Parks Council, it can be hard for our volunteers to make time to visit one of our service centers and then spend their time picking orders. For quite some time leaders, especially those in charge of advancement, have been asking for a convenient way to get their advancements. We listened!

Now online-orderingthere is no need to stand in long lines or figure out where your award is located in the store. It is all available on our order forms in a fast, easy-to-use setting. Whether you have a new Cub Scout who just earned his Bobcat, or a Life Scout that needs his Cyber Chip Recharge pin, It’s all available at the click of a button. Still need to come in to the Council Service Center anyway? Not a problem. Order online and pick it up at any of the 8 service center locations. Once your order is ready you will receive an email letting you know that the order is either on its way to you or ready for pickup. Most orders will be ready to ship or pickup in 3 business days or fewer.

Please note that this is a Council service only and the BSA Nationally-run Scout Shops in Orem and St. George may not have specific information on the service. There will, however still be online ordering available at these locations, just not in the Scout Shop, but in the Council Services area of the building. Please contact Council Services at 801-437-6222 for questions about this new option.

Click HERE for a printable flyer.

How to Order Online:

  1. Submit your advancement records online here: See this site for answers to questions about how to do this:
  2. Find the online order form here:
  3. Select which awards and how many of each you are going to purchase
  4. Continue to check out, where it will ask you whether you’d like it shipped or available for pick-up at one of our service centers
  5. Pay by credit card or e-check. Unit accounts are now available, (under gift card option)!
  6. You will receive a confirmation email for the purchase and then a second email when the awards have shipped or are available for pick-up. Please allow for 2-3 business days before you need your awards.

We hope this new service will be a benefit for all and save some time for our volunteers to continue serving the youth faithfully. Let us know what you think about this service in the comments.

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Author:  Ali Mohammad | Director of Council Scout Shops, Utah National Parks Council


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9 thoughts on “FREE Shipping on Online Ordering of Scouting Advancement Awards

    1. Melany GardnerMelany Gardner

      No, this is just another option to help save our volunteer’s time. You are absolutely welcome to continue to come into the Council Services Centers and Scout Shops to purchase awards.

      Even if you started using the online order form, say you get a last minute award that you did not get to put on the order, then you could go into the store and purchase the last award you forgot.

    1. AvatarAli Mohammad

      The shipping cost will be $7.50, or you can pick it up at a service center with no additional charge.

  1. AvatarMelanie

    It looks like Unit Accounts still aren’t available. When do they think this will become available? Our scouting office is really busy, and we’re really looking forward to using this option!

    1. AvatarAli Mohammad

      We hope to be up and running within the month, in the meantime you can email me your order and Adventure card number and I will process it my self so you can pick it up until the Adventure cards are online. My email is below
      Thank you.

  2. Darryl AlderDarryl Alder

    My troop came back from Blue Mountain Scout Camp with more than 50 merit badges. “Yikes” I thought. Then I remembered I could send the list to Ali and pick them up in the morning. It was so easy and quick.


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