By Melany Gardner
Jul 07, 2014

Outstanding Eagle: Ross H. Cole

Ross H. ColeRoss H. Cole, Orem – UT

Assistant Administrator of the LDS Church Educational System & Counselor in Mount Timpanogos Temple Presidency

Ross Cole was inspired to earn his Eagle Scout award because his father was given the opportunity as an Eagle Scout to rescue people in the 1933 California earthquake. He was greatly assisted in scouting by his Scoutmaster, Marvin Stoutsenberger, who modeled the values of scouting and serving leadership. Ross served a mission in South Korea, and then married his sweetheart Charlene. He received his Bachelor degree at BYU and received a full-ride scholarship to the University of Hawaii for his Master’s degree. He taught seminary and institute while he earned his doctorate and continued his career in the LDS Church Educational System as an Institute of Religion Director, Teacher-Trainer, Director of Teacher Training for the worldwide Church Educational System, and Assistant Administrator. Ross served as a mission president in South Korea, and has served twice as a stake president.  He currently serves in the Mount Timpanogos Temple Presidency. He and his wife have six children and 30 grandchildren.

Congratulations to Ross H. Cole!

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