By Tanner Bennett
Dec 02, 2015

Salute to Scouting Mothers

I have been thinking a lot about the role of mothers in Scouting. Now my intent in this blog is not to slight the fathers out there who are helping out in so many ways. My intent is to recognize the women of Scouting who normally don’t get any recognition, who work behind the scenes and who are just as important.

IMG_9341I will be honest. I would not be an Eagle Scout if it weren’t for my mom. I also think that is true for my brothers. Basically my mom is a three time Eagle Scout. She pushed us in our projects, would edit the forms that we had to send in, helped us get people to help in our projects, and probably put in just as many hours as we did altogether. And my mom isn’t the only one who is like that!

Another way that mothers help out, is that they send us out to Scouting. There were times in my life where I thought to myself in my unnaturally sound teenage mind,” I don’t want to go today.” On those days where my intellect and reasoning were off, it was normally my mother who was the voice of reason in getting me to go by just laughing at what I had said and sending me on my way. She was the one who always made sure that I had my uniform, that my badges were sewn on and that I looked like the freshest Boy Scout to ever wear that prestigious tan uniform.

I think what I am trying to get at is that no Scout would be the successful Scout that he was, without his mother. And for my mom I am eternally grateful.

Tanner BennettAuthor: Tanner Bennett | BYU Student, Friend of Scouting

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One thought on “Salute to Scouting Mothers

  1. AdrianAdrian

    Nice post – very well written. As an Eagle Scout mom myself, it is heart-warming to see a Scout paying tribute to his Mom like that. She sounds like a great Mom. Bravo!


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