By Katelyn Kenedy
Feb 20, 2018

Sign up your 11-year-old for PIT 21 now!

What is the PIT 21 program?

Program PIT 21 is an acronym for People Interested in Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class. PIT 21 is just the older term for Trail to First Class.

“The name needed to be changed when the BSA increased the requirements for the rank of Scout significantly and so we started teaching those requirements too,” said David Johnson, camping director at Maple Dell Scout Camp. 

Pit 21 or, Trail to First Class, allows Scouts who are new to your troop and who are just getting started on their trail to Eagle to receive their Trail to First Class at an accelerated rate, within one week. The program is designed to give Scouts the foundation of skills to complete Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class.   

“The goal of Trail to First Class is to teach requirements from Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class that are harder for a Scoutmaster to teach back at their homes and churches. We [Maple Dell] can teach 100 students at a time in this class, so there is plenty of room each time,” stated Johnson.

For example, a ward can take deacons up to camp any day of the week for five days in a row, with one overnight stay, in order to complete the camping overnight requirement, and complete their Trail to First Class. The PIT 21 program is also like Buck Hollow, which allows Scouts to complete Trail to First Class requirements in 48 hours. Both PIT 21 and Buck Hollow are meant to be flexible programs that can fit into any schedule. 

What is offered at Pit 21

Because Scouts may work on the requirements for these three ranks, (Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class), simultaneously, all of the basic skills, the patrol method, and other required skills are taught. Scouts need to get started on these skills. Even if a Scout has already completed a few rank requirements, PIT 21 is an excellent refresher. Scouts will have hands-on experiences with hiking, compass work, campfire building, tent-pitching, knot tying, first aid, cooking, swimming and much more.

What is the schedule like at Pit 21

The Trail to First Class is offered 3 regular times at Maple Dell Scout Camp: 1) The Spring Merit Badge Encampment, 2) As part of weeklong Summer Camp, and 3) The Fall Merit Badge Encampment. 

Scouts enrolled in PIT 21 are expected to attend the sessions as scheduled. If they desire to join any merit badge sessions while at camp, there will be times available for them to do so. One day during the week will be a 4-hour day hike and boys will need to bring a sack lunch; Troops participating in Central Dining will be provided with a sack lunch that day. Troop Leaders may go along on the hike to review and sign-off Scouts on what they have learned (participation limited to 24 Scouts per week).

How to register your 11-year-old 

Register your 11-year-old now for Trail to First Class by visiting Maple Dell’s website!


Have you or you Scout been to Trail to First Class already? Comment about how your experience was below! 



Author: Katelyn Kenedy | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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