By Utah National Parks Council
Jan 02, 2014

Tips to Help You Save

Here are some great tips by Danny Kofke, author of “A Simple Book of Financial Wisdom” to help you save in 2014. One tip, order water when you eat out. Not only is it better for you but will also help you to save money.

A Scout is thrifty. How to budget and deal with money is a skill that all Scouts need to learn, especially in their youth. A large percentage of adults have difficulty budgeting money leading to increased debt and stress. It is not difficult to do but does require practice and sacrifice. The fact that you have printed checks in your checkbook or a credit card does not equate to having money. It is easy to swipe and write but when the time comes to pay the bill there is shock at how quickly expenses add up.

It is not always fun to live within your means and sacrifice things that you want, but it will make you happier. Everyone budgets differently but always pay your bills first. Living within your means will help you to prosper. And here is another tip: You are not going to die without your Xbox or Wii. You will wake up in the morning. There is no need to go into debt for the things you desire.

Author: Heidi Sanders | Marketing & PR Director, Utah National Parks Council



See Fox News, “Tips to save in 2014.” (2014, January 1).

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