By Utah National Parks Council
Dec 16, 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 9 – A Scout is Friendly

The fourth attribute in the Scout Law is to be friendly.

A Scout is friendly. He is sympathetic. He is true. He is sociable. He is neighborly.

Everybody needs a friend. I do not know a soul who does not desire to belong, to be accepted for who they are.

A few years ago, I was in California for a week long residency with students to discuss the dissertation process. These were students that I had not met and did not know. The classroom was in a U shape. I walked in and took a place in the back. I looked up and saw a older man walk through the door. He looked to be dressed in pajamas but the clothing was recognizable as African. He had long dread locks and just looked to me to be so unclean that my first thought was, “Please do not sit beside me.”

Of course, he came and sat right next to me. Over the course of the week, we became great friends and developed the closest relationship in the class. Everyone commented on it. Here you had a Caucasian from Utah and a Black man originally from Africa.

Notice that the Scout law says that a Scout is friendly not that he is friends with everyone. Some people claim friendship when the reality is that it is a self-serving relationship. Others claim friendship because they are the only individuals who will accept them. True friends sacrifice for another. False friends seek to lift themselves above others or attempt to make something that is unacceptable acceptable to justify their actions. A true friend will never steer you wrong.

A Scout should include everyone whether rich, poor, dirty, clean. A Scout should never make fun of another but should seek to include others and make sure others are having a good time. If others are having a good time, then you will too.

It is impossible to know the circumstances and challenges of others. I wonder how many times a Scout goes home after a meeting and cries because nobody is nice to him. I wonder how many moms cry because nobody is nice to her son who desperately needs a friend.

It does not matter who you belong to. Remember, you belong to God. His arm is always stretched out welcoming you.

This Christmas season. let us reflect on the words of Christ and that it is not that “which goeth into the mouth [that[ defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth…” That those things that cometh out of the mouth come from the heart…”For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts,…” [1]

Let us remember, especially during this Christmas season, to speak kind words to one another; to be friendly and reach out to those who are downtrodden.

Calvin & Hobbes

On the fourth day of Christmas a Scout is reminded to be friendly, to reach out to others.

Merry Christmas!

Author: Heidi Sanders | Marketing & PR Director, Utah National Parks Council



1. See Matthew 15: 10-20.

2. See Buzz Feed, “10 Times Calvin & Hobbes Broke Your Heart.”


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