Snow on Arizona Saguaro Cactus
By Kevin Hunt
May 09, 2016

Guide to Arizona Weather – all you’ve wanted to know!

Here is what you have been waiting for:  A Guide to Arizona Weather – all you’ve wanted to know!.  So why do I need that, you ask?  Well, recently as I created the blog article We had some great Gnubie Hikes for The Boy Scout.  In this article, I mentioned several great hikes that we took with our great Troop 155 in Mesa, Arizona.  As I wrote that article, it hit me that many of my blogging fan club (if I have any fans) might not know much about our Arizona weather, flora and fauna.  So, realizing that, I decided to write a blog specifically about these things so that you “northerners” might learn a bit more about the Great State of Arizona.  And that projected article expanded into three.  So, here is Part 1.  I hope that you enjoy it.

Here is the link to the full article:  Arizona: A Regional Guide — Part 1 The Weather Report

I grew up in Arizona and though I have lived in eleven different states, I have always called Arizona home.  I guess I have kind of taken it for granted.  Since it is home, it has become second nature for me.  But, there is much about Arizona that is unique and different – and good.  So, I’d like to share a bit with you.

Arizona Palm Trees and Wate

Arizona Palm Trees and Water Features

Some of you may not realize that Arizona is home to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World – and that is The Grand Canyon.  So, it follows that we are the “Grand Canyon State”.

After my wife, Lou, and I had lived in Utah for a few years we moved to California and then finally to my home of Arizona.  She had grown up in Utah – so she had plenty of “the white stuff” and loved it.  So, she was concerned about upcoming Christmas in the desert. She voiced her concerns to me:  She asked, “How do you have Christmas without SNOW?” I quickly replied, “You just love every minute of it.”

Arizona Weather

The Great State of Arizona

At first, Lou thought (as most newcomers) that the desert was dry and dusty – and all cacti.  But, now she has become a believer.  She thinks that she could never return to a cold white climate – even if it was Christmas.  And she can almost see the desert as beautiful – when it is green after a rare rain storm – as I always have seen it.  The desert is always so beautiful after even a bit of rain.  (But, the grass and flowers on the desert floor don’t stick around long, unfortunately.  At the first sign of hot sun, they wither up and die and are then gone with the wind.  So, in Arizona you just enjoy the moment as it is there in its glory … and then passes.  But, the memory lingers and keeps the desert beautiful forever.

Best wishes along your Scouting Trails … In Arizona … and elsewhere Kevin

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