By Tony Woodard
Oct 23, 2017

Visit Kandersteg International Scout Centre – Summer 2018

As with most great Scouting ideas, the idea to take a group of youth to Kandersteg International Scout Centre came out of a simple conversation between two Scouters. 
It went Something like this:
Scouter 1:  “Hey, Tony. When you were at the World Jamboree in Japan did you ever hear about Kande….”
Me: “Kandersteg!? Yes, let’s do it! 2018!”
And the plan was in motion.
The Centre began in 1923 with Lord Baden-Powell, who, after the first World Scout Jamboree, had a dream about a place where all Scouts from all over the world could meet: the Permanent Mini Jamboree. His dream came true and now we have the opportunity to visit Kandersteg International Scout Centre and live the dream!
We have put together an amazing trip and are making it available to all youth ages 14-17 at the time of the trip. The trip will definitely be an adventure of a lifetime. Since each year over 12,000 Scouts from over 40 countries visit Kandersteg it is very likely that we will be the only American’s in camp, making us ambassadors to the world.  Scouts that join us will have the opportunity to not only learn about other people and other cultures but also learn a lot about themselves along the way. The friendships that are forged through the family of scouting will often last a lifetime.
Our trip is set up as follows:
  • Monthly meetings from now until we leave in July.
    • Meetings will be led and taught by the youth.
    • Meetings focus on leadership, culture, and fun
    • Youth will become experts in teamwork and communication
  • July 13, 2018 – Travel to Kandersteg, Switzerland
    • Fly from Salt Lake City to Zurich
    • Board a train directly to Kandersteg
    • Check in and let the fun begin
  • Life at Kandersteg
    • Many culturally enriching activities
    • Hikes in the Alps
    • Alpine Slides and Trotti Bikes
    • Tours of Bern and Interlaken
    • Many other mountain adventures
  • Enjoying Scouting at the International Level 
Our Adult Advisors are Woodbadge trained and experienced in International scouting. Our leadership corps consists of 2 male and 2 female leaders, so we are able to truly build this as a co-ed opportunity akin to what we will find in Scouting from around the world.  
Fundraising and meetings have already started and fundraising will continue.  If a young man or young woman wants to go, we will do everything we can to make opportunities available, and it will be up to them to work hard to make it happen.
We are filling up fast, but we do still have a few positions left for youth to join us.  We are expecting to be full by the end of the year, so do not wait to register.
If this is something that interests you, or you would like more information, please reach out to Tony Woodard at 801.562.6611 or, or scan the attached QR Code
Author: Tony Woodard | Utah National Parks Council Advancement Committee. He has served on Eagle Project Approval Committees in several different Councils across the country
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