By Utah National Parks Council
May 09, 2017

Meet This Year’s Influential Women in Scouting

Mothers. Sisters. Daughters. Wives.  They all help us in our daily efforts. Even now, my mom’s there when things get rough, offering quiet, regular assistance with multiple aspects of my life. Don’t ever forget the roles of women in Scouting. If you think you earned your Eagle Scout Award on your own, think again. 

This weekend, Friday, May 12th, we’re honoring some of these exemplary women. Meet them: 

Susan Bramble: 

Susie Bramble is mother to six children and 15 grandchildren. Her three boys are all Eagle Scouts. When it came to Scouts, Susie was jealous that her brother got to camp, hike and fish while she learned to sew, cook and crochet. For 40 years, Curt and Susan have been active in the community where she has served as Secretary of the Utah County Republican Party, PTA President and a variety of Provo City boards. She serves on the Sundance Board, is the co-director of the Miss Provo Scholarship Pageant, and Chair of the Freedom Festival Balloon Fest. Susan is the Utah National Parks Council Activities Chair, leading some fundraising, Scout Expo and helping whenever needed. She is a recipient of the Silver Beaver. Even with her extremely busy schedule volunteering and working around her husband’s legislative’s schedule, she makes time for her children and grandchildren.

Kristen Bybee:

Kristen Bybee has been involved with scouting for at least 37 years. She has been a Webelos leader for 31 years and has taught leaders at Roundtable and Leader Specific training for 27 years. Kristen is an exceptional instructor and has been a frequent teacher at Council Pow Wows. She has taught Den Chief training at the District level and has been on the planning committees for District day camps and Webelos Woods. Kristen received the Silver Beaver Award in 2005. She volunteered for many years at the Catholic Thrift Store and after school activities/guidance center. She has also served as a teacher in the LDS church. Kristen always goes above and beyond anything asked of her.

Shawna Cole:

Shawna Cole has been involved in scouting since 2004. She has served as the Advancement Chair and Committee Chair and has also mentored many Eagle Scouts in and out of her unit. She has been a Unit Commissioner and used this opportunity to help other units build their programs. Shawna is currently the Roundtable Commissioner for the Ephraim Stake Cub Scouts. Through her efforts, Roundtable runs more efficiently and attendance has been increased by 200%. Shawna is also Wood Badge trained. She volunteers at the Ephraim Co-op and has headed a committee for a craft fair during the local Mormon Miracle Pageant. She is a volunteer board member of the Sanpete Valley Hospital and serves on many committees in the PTA at her local schools.

Karen Cox: 

Karen Cox began her dedicated journey of Scouting leadership in 2002. She has been a key contributor in her scouting committee. Karen’s service includes Committee Chair, Advancement Chair, District Training staff, Roundtable staff, and Wood Badge and Family Odyssey staff. She received the Second Miler and District Award of Merit as well as the Bachelor of Commissioner Science. She has been a strong influence to those around her to help get leaders trained. Karen is helpful and encouraging to the scouts. She exemplifies kindness, helpfulness and loyalty to the boys. Karen has also served in the LDS church as the Primary President and many positions in the Young Women’s organizations.

Susy Epperson

Susy “Spirit Woman” Epperson has been involved with scouting for many decades. Her service includes Webelos Den Leader, Cubmaster, Roundtable Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner, and District Committee Chair. Susan was awarded the Silver Beaver in 1996. She has also been very involved with Varsity and Venturing arranging camps for them in conjunction with the Mountain Man group she is a part of. She has been part of the Wasatch Order of the Arrow chapter for ten years. Susan has served on five Timberline staffs and has done over 200 Arrow of Light ceremonies. She has volunteered with the minuteman re-enactment and the 2002 Olympics as well as the Community Crèche exhibit every Christmas.

  Crystal Ewell:

Crystal Ewell has devoted herself in service to Scouting for over 13 years and many more in the community. As a Cub leader, she has launched close to 90 boys into Cub Scouts and watched them progress through Scouting. In the LDS Church, Crystal has served as a Relief Society leader, a Young Women camp leader, and a missionary. She has coached hundreds of youth in T-Ball, Coach Pitch, and Soccer. Crystal loves the Scout values and has taught and encouraged her Cubs and her players to have good character, to be honest, to be kind, and to always do their best. She has blessed the lives of these young men. Crystal is a great example and an ambassador for Scouting in her community.

 Sandy Fausett:

Sandy Fausett has devoted over 40 years to scouting and the youth. She has served many years on the Troop Committee as the Advancement Chair and helped mentor many young men along their trail to Eagle Rank. Sandy has assisted her husband as he has served as Assistant Varsity Coach and helped their Scouting unit run smoothly. Her real love however has been Cub Scouting. She has donated her leadership skills to help several packs be a success. Sandy has also been Wood Badge trained. She has worked in the LDS Primary organization and Relief Society as well. Sandy has always been fun and enthusiastic and brought that energy with her everywhere she serves. 

Mary Fehlberg:

Mary Fehlberg has served as a Cub Scout Den Leader and as a Primary, Young Women’s and Relief Society President. She has supported her husband, Rondo and their boys in treks and high adventure activities throughout the Intermountain West and as far away as Tahiti. She has also ensured they each had the opportunity to attend at least one National Jamboree. Mary has supported Rondo as he has served in a variety of district and council positions in the Denver Area, Sam Houston and Utah National Parks Councils, most recently as UNPC President. Mary taught first grade for 8 years and was an elementary school substitute teacher for 14 years. She served as PTA President at Canyon View Junior High and Orem High School and also served as President of the Orem PTA Council. Rondo and Mary are the parents of six children, 4 of whom are Eagle Scouts.

Pamela Graf:

Pamela Graf has devoted herself in service to Scouting for 13 years and many more in the community. Pamela is a teacher, a trainer, a mentor, and a peacemaker. She helps youth and leaders fulfill their responsibilities and encourages them to do their best. Pamela has served as a Den Leader, Advancement Chair, Unit Commissioner, and District Assistant Camping Chair. She has trained many leaders. Pamela has volunteered at the elementary school, high school and Dixie State, serving on the PTA and teaching. She currently serves in the LDS Temple. Pamela listens to youth and reaches out to them. They feel her love and seek out her counsel. She is an example of a good shepherd.

Evelyn Grammer:

Evelyn Grammer has served countless hours supporting scouting. She has served in Cub scouts and Webelos, on staff at the High Uintah scout camp as camp nurse and counselor for the First Aid merit badge. She has also served on staff at Cub Scout day camps and has taught geology at Webelos Woods. Evelyn is an excellent shadow leader and insures that the youth staff is properly trained. Evelyn recognizes the value of good role models to our youth. Outside of scouting, she has performed in the Uintah Basin Orchestra and Chorus and has served in the Primary and Young Women’s organizations in the LDS church. Evelyn has a son who is an Eagle Scout.

Leena Harral:

Leena Mari Harral has devoted over 26 years to scouting and service to the youth. She has been a huge part of the Eagle process, spending hundreds of hours helping boys and their parents through the strenuous process and doing so with great patience and understanding. She has helped train other leaders in her district so that they have the same success with their prospective Eagle Scouts. Leena has been willing to give much of her time and talents to youth in her community, encouraging them to excel in their talents and pursuits. She donates her time to many youth activities for organizations throughout Utah Valley, applying her organizational skills and sewing talents as she is able. One example is creating and sewing over 650 neck coolers for youth to wear on treks, hikes, and other hot weather activities.

   Cheryl Hendrickson:

Cheryl Hendrickson has been serving in scouting for over 34 years. She has been involved with Cub Scout Roundtable for the past 18 years. Cheryl was in charge of the Webelos Day Camp this past summer and also serves as the Bear Leader in her local unit. She is very organized and dependable. She has infused her love and enthusiasm into every meeting, always smiling and being cheerful. Cheryl has also worked with the Special Needs Students at Richfield High for several years and continues to be a substitute teacher there. She has devoted her life to 4-H camps, YW Camps, primary and Scouting

 Crystal Krogue:

Crystal Krogue grew up on a farm in Inkom, Idaho and is the middle of eight children. She served a mission to Columbia, South Carolina. Crystal has lived a life of intense service and selfless sacrifice as she has raised five children and now has five grandchildren. She has worked with young men and women and has spent countless hours supporting her four sons and a husband who are all die-hard Scouters. She has participated in four Eagle projects, campouts every month for nine years and has served as a Bear and Webelos den leader. With Crystal and Ken’s support of Camp Maple Dell and its’ renovation, one of the new stake pavilions was built. These pavilions allow stakes to enjoy year round events for Scout camp, girls camp, and training courses.

Nicole Lemon:

Nicole Lemon has devoted herself in service to Scouting and the community for 18 years. Nicole has been a Cub Scout Den Leader, District Webelos Activities Coordinator, District Activities Chair, and on the District Advancement Committee. She has served on numerous Timberline courses. Nicole has served many years at Wood Badge, including as Scoutmaster (Course Director). For many years, she has volunteered at the elementary school as a teacher’s aide, special visitor, and on the PTA. Her focus is always on the youth. When one of her Cub Scouts had to be hospitalized a great deal of time, Nicole moved her den meetings to the hospital so he could participate.

Leah G. Matheson:

Leah G. Matheson has devoted herself in service to Scouting and the community for 60 years. Leah has served in many Scout positions, as a volunteer teacher’s aide and as a Girl Scout leader. She has served on various city boards and committees, as an election judge, and on the city board of adjustments. In the LDS church, she has served as a Relief Society president, Primary President, and Ward Missionary. Leah has been recognized for her service with the Second Miler Award, the District Award of Merit, and the Silver Beaver. Throughout her life, Leah has taken special interest in the youth, especially those from troubled homes. Like the Energizer Bunny, she just keeps on going. 

Susan Saltzman:

Susan Saltzman has devoted herself in service to Scouting for over 30 years and many more in the community. As a Special Education teacher, she works with children who are “severely diversely handicapped”. Susan’s love for the children extends far beyond the classroom. Her service in Scouting includes Den Leader, Cubmaster, Committee Chair, Unit Commissioner, Roundtable Commissioner, District Commissioner, and Council Commissioner. Susan has been a teacher, ward Primary president, and Stake Primary leader in the LDS church. She currently volunteers full-time in the St. George VA office. Susan has taught, trekked with, camped next to, and laughed with many youth and leaders. Many look up to her example.

   Janet Kae Snow:

Janet Kae Snow began as a Cub Scout leader in 1975 when her oldest son was 18 months old. She was a Cub Scout leader in different roles for over 9 years. Then after a few years, while Janet was serving as Stake Relief Society President and they were unable to find a Cub Scout leader, she volunteered to be that leader while she continued to serve as Stake Relief Society President. A few years after her release from the Stake Relief Society, she was called as Stake Primary President where she oversaw the 11-year-old Scouting program. She attended Woodbadge in 1999 and has served off and on as a Scout Committee Member or Cub Scout leader until the fall of 2016. Janet received her Silver Beaver in 2004. She has 3 sons – all Eagle Scouts – and 8 grandsons over the age of 12 – all Eagle Scouts.



Valerie Staheli: 

Valerie Kay Staheli began her Scouting career in the Cub Scout Program 25 years ago. She has served multiple times as a Den Leader, Cub Scout Committee Member, Cub Scout Committee Chair, Eagle Mentor/Coach, Advancement Coordinator and is currently serving as her unit’s Scout Committee Chair. She has been awarded the District 2nd Miler and the District Award of Merit. All three of her sons have earned their Eagle Ranks. Valerie has also served as the Payson Middle School PTA President. She has participated in the Festival of the Trees for 4 years. Through her personal engraving business she is able to donate many Arrow of Light plaques to prior units. Valerie exemplifies the Scout Oath and Law in all that she does.

Carma Steck: 

Carma Steck started as a Webelos Leader when she was a newlywed over 30 years ago and has been a registered scouter ever since. Some of her service includes Den Leader, Committee Chair, Roundtable Staff, Akela’s Council Staff, Jamboral staff, Pow Wow Chair, and Eagle Scout coach. Carma has the knack of making people feel important and needed. She and her husband can build or create anything to make Scouts more fun! Carma was influential in starting the Scout Service Center in Ephraim which she managed for over 20 years. She believed in customer service to the max learning everyone’s name that came into the store. Carma has also served as a PTA president and Primary teacher in the LDS church.

Melinda Stone:

Melinda Stone has devoted herself in service to Scouting for 11 years, and many more to youth outside of Scouting. Melinda has been a Den Leader, Primary counselor over 11-yr old Scouts, Advancement Chair, and Life to Eagle Coach. In the LDS Church, she has served in her ward Primary presidency, stake Young Women camp director, and stake Young Women president. She has received five Eagle Scout Mentor pins from scouts she helped guide to Eagle. Three of her sons are Eagle Scouts, and her youngest son is on track to earn his Eagle also. Melinda’s positive impact on the young men and young women is now multiplied as they are becoming leaders themselves to youth 

Connie T. Stratton: 

Connie Stratton has devoted herself in service to Scouting and the community for 25 years. She has been involved in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts on unit and district levels, currently as Advancement Chair and Roundtable Commissioner. Connie has been the ‘go to’ person for re-chartering for 15 years. She has served in the LDS church working with youth and adults. Connie has served in the schools on the PTO and several Booster Clubs, in youth sports, and 10 years on the Washington County Fair Board. One time, when not enough money had been raised for playground equipment for an elementary school, she borrowed a front-end loader and did the excavation herself.

Michaun Torgersen:

Michaun Torgerson has served Scouts and youth in her community for over 25 years. She has been a Stake Pack Trainer, Unit Scout Committee member, Unit Commissioner, Eagle Coach, District staff member, and Akela’s Council staff member. Michaun has selflessly donated many hours to mentoring young men as they earn their Eagle Rank. She serves as a merit badge counselor for many badges. Michaun loves the boys and Scouting and volunteers her service to help with many of the Scouting programs. She has donated her time for many years at the American Fork Hospital. Michaun also enjoys teaching youth and adults how to sew and has given burial clothing sewn from wedding dresses for infants that have passed away.

Edi K Ulloa:

Edi K Ulloa has served in Scouting for over 20 years. Her service includes Merit Badge Counselor, Committee Member, and Den Leader. Edi is also in charge of the American Fork Recreation Center Merit Badge Classes where she has spent many years getting classes set up and running. She currently serves as the new Iron Horse advancement chair. She is all about the Scout Law and is kind but fair. By being around her, you want to live to be a better person. Edi is a great example and those around her try to emulate her because they know she can be trusted. She has also spent many years serving others in the Relief Society, Primary and Young Women’s organizations in the LDS church. Edi is also a valued member within the community and cares about each individual and their well being.

Joyce Westenskow:

Joyce Westenskow has been the Webelos Den Leader of Unit 551 in the Arapeen District for many years. She loves the boys and her influence on them is immeasurable. Joyce calls the boys, arranges rides, and follows up with them and their parents. She has helped countless boys earn their Webelos and Arrow of Light Awards. She uses and loves Den Chiefs. Joyce attends day camp, Webelos Woods and the Scout Expo every year. She has earned the Thomas S Monson Award, the Second Miler Award, and the District Award of Merit. Joyce has attended the University of Scouting and will be attending Wood Badge. She also donates her time to the LDS Church, local PTA and the Republican Party.





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