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Mar 21, 2016

Community Action Thanks Scouting for Food

Today, Monday, March 21, 2016 Lauren Manzione from Community Action Services wrote this to our staff in the Provo Peak District:

Dear Scouts, leaders and parents:

We wish that we could thank all of your personally for your selfless contributions to Saturday’s food drive. We are blown away every year by the sheer number of individuals who chose to use their time to make a real difference in our community.

I would appreciate it so much if you could pass on the attached  thank you letter to individual troops so that everyone involved knows how important their work was and how much impact they have made. Scouting for Food Thank You Letter

Lauren Manzione


Author: Lauren ManzioneVolunteer Coordinator, Community Action Services and Food Bank, 801-691-5220, Office Hours: Monday-Friday from 12-5 pm


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One thought on “Community Action Thanks Scouting for Food

  1. AvatarTom Sakievich


    Every March, third Saturday, the Spanish Fork Armory, Pepsi, and local Scouting units provide
    Service to their Communities through this effort. When I arrived 1230pm today (to assess how much
    was collected for 2016) 22 wooden boxes were level full. Each box weighed about 800 lbs, roughly
    17,600 pounds (8.5 tons) of canned goods was collected from families within the Coordinating Council’s
    Black Diamond District.

    – The armory provided the manpower and loading area (including the forklift); Pepsi donated the
    truck, trailer, and driver; a Food Coalition rep was on hand to help prepare the crates for loading on
    to the truck; far too many families to count provided the canned goods; and hundreds of youth and
    adults provided service of collecting and delivering the goods to the armory.

    – From here the truck, along with a dozen other Food Coalition semitrailers throughout the state,
    are collecting and delivering these goods to Food centers within Utah. If ours is an average, 210,000
    to 230,000 pounds of donated canned goods are now being delivered to various locations in Utah for
    the needy.

    Thanks, everyone. Youth relish service. This year’s efforts will do much to strength the youth’s
    awareness of their neighbors. Please forward this note to your bishoprics, young men and primary
    presidencies; please, let the youth and their families what they did today – and thank them for us.


    PS: If a family’s donation was missed they are welcomed to bring their donation to the Food Coalition
    Center in Provo. They are just east and north of the “East Bay Post Office,” the delivery door is on the
    east side of the two-story building.


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