By Madison Austin
Jan 08, 2018

The Dixie Scout Expo: A day of Scout Fun and a Chance to Win a trip to Disneyland

On February 24, 2018, The Dixie Scout Expo will be open for Scouts and families to enjoy. 

Visit the Dixie Scout Expo on Feb 24, 2018, at the Dixie Center in St George   

Expo Visitor Hours: 9am – 2pm

The Dixie Scout Expo is a one-day Scouting event that brings together Scouts and community organizations from throughout Southern Utah. The Expo provides a day of intergenerational family fun through hands-on exhibits, displays and competitions. 

Over 100 Scouting community booths will be on display showcasing our Scouting programs to the public. This makes it a great opportunity for program enhancement and recruiting for existing units. It could also be a means to introduce Scouting to potential new members. The Expo also allows Scouts to raise money for Scouting-related activities and expenses for the upcoming year. 

Scouts will be selling tickets up until the day of the event. 

For the day’s schedule, follow this link: Dixie Scout Expo Schedule  

Tickets sales begin – January 13, 2018

Dixie Scout Expo

Tickets to the Dixie Scout Expo come with “Starving Student” cards.

The Scouting Expo is a great way for people to come and see what Scouting is all about. Scouts can do this by selling expo tickets to friends, families and neighbors. This is no ordinary ticket, though. The BSA has teamed up with Starving Student Cards, which is a discount card packed with hundreds of dollars of free stuff and over $4,000 in discounts. Tickets sell for just $20 dollars and Scouts keep 75% of the funds – $10 of every card stays with the unit and $5 goes back to local area Scouting. not only can you win funds, you can also win lots of great prizes. 

Scouts must turn in their ticket-sales by February 20, 2018. 

For every ticket a Scout sells, $10 goes back to his unit. With enough sold, this one fundraiser could fund your unit’s entire year! Schedule out your year’s activities early to determine how many tickets need to be sold to fund all your activities. 

Win a chance to go to Disneyland!

Not only can you win funds by selling expo tickets, you can also win lots of great prizes, like a trip to Disneyland!
Scouts that sell 10 tickets to the Dixie Scout Expo will have their name entered 1 time into a drawing for a family trip to Disneyland. Don’t stop at 10 though, because a Scout’s name is entered for every 10 tickets sold.
There are lots of other great prizes for scouts who sell tickets. For every 5 tickets sold, a Scout can have his name entered into a drawing for an iPad, a new bike and many other great prizes. 
To qualify for prize drawings, all tickets must be turned into the St. George Scout Office (204 N 1000 E in St George) no later than Tuesday, February 20.

All the fun of Scouting in one place

At the Dixie Scout Expo, Scouts can expect to find many fun Scouting activities, including Pinewood Derby races, animal shows and hands-on Scouting booths. 

Pinewood Derby races will go through most of the day, and will feature the fastest cars from every participating troop! You won’t want to miss this.

The Birds of Prey show is the next “must see” of the day. At noon, the Southwest Wildlife Foundation will present a show all about birds of prey. Make sure to visit this show and see the iconic birds of the Southwest in real life. 

Dixie Scout Expo

See the many Southwest birds of prey at the Dixie Scout Expo on February 24th.

You can find information about the Pinewood Derby, birds of prey show and more here: Dixie Scout Expo Info

The Dixie Scout Expo will be a day of Scouting you won’t want to miss, so start selling your tickets now. See you February 24th!
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