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By Julia Thompson
Jun 28, 2018

Donor Day 2018 at Maple Dell Scout Camp

The Utah National Parks Council is so grateful for our donors. To show our thanks, we host an annual Donor Day at Maple Dell Scout Camp. This year’s event took place on June 19th. The donors had an immersive experience and were able to see the what Scout camp is like first hand.

Donor Day 2018

donor day

The night began with a short hike from the check-in booth at the entrance of camp to the multi-purpose Outdoor Education Center on the far side of camp. This allowed attendees to walk beside the lake, see the various campsites, and look at the Nature Center.

After their journey to the other side of camp, they were able to rest and replenish with a dinner. They were able to observe Scout camp attendees and experience camp food.

Inspiring Words From a Camp Director

Following dinner, there was a short message given in the amphitheater. Camp Director Dave Johnson welcomed the guests and shared some thoughts.

He spoke on the camp, progress, and the future. Maple Dell is serving more people than ever, but it is never leaving the old. It may be getting enhanced, but it is still rich with tradition. Maple Dell is focusing on incorporating new programs and reaching every youth by making a difference in their lives with programs like auto maintenance, game design, or chess. Some of the customary programs such as shooting sports and kayaking do not interest all who attend camp. These new and diverse programs help reach every youth.

donor day

Dave then discussed the development of the camp. As far as land goes, Maple Dell is on the smaller size. This creates a unique situation for growing the camp. They have to pack a lot of punch in a little area like the COPE Cube and Outdoor Education Center. These multi-purpose structures allow participants to try new things without taking away older parts of the camp.

Maple Dell has always been about serving the youth and acting as an extension of the troop. They try to supplement the troop’s programs.  Feedback and improvement are important to Dave and his staff.

Scouting Creates Bridges

For the next speaker, Scouting is a family tradition. Clint Lawton is the Director of Field Services for our council. Clint was a shy child that couldn’t look anyone in the eye. When he went to Scout camp, he did more watching than participating in the beginning. But, he became interested in climbing. A staff member noticed this and asked if he wanted to participate. He hesitantly joined. Clint ended up being very talented at rock climbing and quickly became one of the fastest climbers at camp. It was at this moment he realized he could do hard things.

Activities are the hooks to learning the aims and methods of Scouting. The Scout program creates a bridge between fun and personal development and growth.

Play Time

donor day

After the remarks, the free-time period of camp started. Donors and their families were invited to participate in any of the activities offered. Dave also gave tours of the camp and Nature Center. The kids were most excited to participate in the High Ropes COPE Cube Course that ends in a zip line over the lake. Families took to the canoes and glided over the water. A father and son duo tried their hand at archery. Some of the families explored the nature center, where they delighted in the animals, both real and taxidermy.

You’re Invited to our Next Donor Day Event

Any member of our Keepers of the Flame Giving Society is invited to all of our Donor Day events. Show your support of Scouting and join the legacy today. We do not want anyone to miss out on our next event, which will be bigger and better than ever!

Thank you to all those who attended the event, and thank you to all of our donors.


Author: Julia Thompson | BA in English from BYU | Fund Development Associate | Boy Scouts of America, Utah National Parks Council

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