By Maloree Anderson
Sep 17, 2017

Families Grew Strong at the Partner and Pal Campout

Camp Jeremiah Johnson just hosted its fall Partner and Pal Campout. This event is an overnight camping experience geared towards families that are looking for a good time at camp. Families are invited to come Friday evening and enjoy dinner around the fire and pitch their tents somewhere on the camps property. Then, in the morning enjoy fresh breakfast before starting the day’s featured activities.

Renee Lyman attended the Partner and Pal Campout with her husband and two of her sons, (ages 3 and 5). She stated that she was looking forward to getting to do things they didn’t normally do such as BB guns, archery, and boating. The camp was easy to find and that they were able to pitch their tent near the creek on a flat area that wasn’t too far away from the bathrooms and activity areas.

She went on to say that the food was delicious. The fact that two meals and all the activities were included in the price made it a steal.

The activities were family-friendly and everyone had a chance to participate. Renee mentioned that her boys just wanted to keep moving from one area to the next and keep trying all the new things.

Her favorite was the shooting sports. Being a mom of boys and bit of a tom-boy herself, she said it was fun to do those activities with them.

“My five year-old could not get enough of them [shooting sports] and I loved seeing him so excited and doing it by himself.”

Saturday morning after breakfast, attendees were privilege to start the day out right and participate in a service project. Renee said, “I think it was a nice addition to the camping. I wish I was better at getting my boys involved in service so I was grateful for the chance to participate. And it wasn’t difficult so they [her sons] felt involved as well, which meant a lot to me.”

Spending quality time with your family will have benefits that will manifest for years to come. Camp Jeremiah Johnson’s Partner and Pal Campout encouraged families to get outdoors, serve others, and work together. Will you join us for the next Partner and Pal Campout?

“I think these types of events allow for us to get outside of our normal routines that allow those opportunities to grow individually and together.”

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Author: Maloree Anderson | is a photographer, graphic designer, mom of one, friend of Scouting and Marketing Specialist with the Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America.

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One thought on “Families Grew Strong at the Partner and Pal Campout

  1. Annaleis SmithAnnaleis Smith

    I attended the Partners and Pals Campout September of 2016. I took my daughter (then 11 years old) and my mother (in her 70’s). We all had a really great “girls weekend”. The activities were fun and the food was great!


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