By Ann Shumway
Mar 31, 2019

Family Camping: Partner & Pal Campout

Looking for a great, inexpensive family activity that takes you outdoors and away from technology? Join us for our Partner and Pal campout this year at Camp Jeremiah Johnson, where you can stay busy or just relax around the campfire. This campout is designed perfectly for families looking to connect and have some fun in nature.

There are two Partner and Pal campouts this year. The first will be held in May on the 17th and 18th.

Registration is already open so register here today!

The last Partner and Pal will be in September on the 6th and 7th. Plan to wear layers and enjoy the cool fall air.

Register for this event here!


Parents and children will participate together in boats, archery, shooting BB guns, fishing, and climbing a bouldering wall. You will tie knots, make crafts, and play gaga ball and tetherball. There will be a movie and campfire program on Friday evening. All family members are welcome to come, but the activities are best suited to the interest and ability level of 8–11-year-olds.

Family Focused

The Partner and Pal event was created for families to get away and enjoy a family-focused evening. A sleeping bag, tent, and some food are all you need to bring – leave all the cell phones and laptops at home. We have several activities that allow families to work together and enjoy each other’s company. Bonding with each other and connecting with nature is just what your family needs!

Home(Campout)-Centered Learning

Camping connects Scouts and their families to the world which God so graciously made for us. That’s why this campout is the perfect opportunity for the whole family to be together. Bring some scripture stories or family-home-evening themed lessons to share with your family as you gather together at the end of the evening.

Partner and Pal Schedule

Check-in will be held from 5-8 pm on Friday. Guests will need to bring supplies for their own dinner, but feel welcome to prepare your meal over your campfire or at the campsite.

Camp Jeremiah Johnson is up the left fork of Hobble Creek Canyon. It is a lovely, peaceful setting for a family adventure.

The cost is only $17.50 per person, and that pays for both breakfast and lunch on Saturday and all of the activities. You may bring tents to sleep in or even bring your camper and park it in our parking lot.

Whatever your family needs, our  Partner and Pal Campout is the answer, letting parents and kids join in the programs at Camp Jeremiah Johnson together. Though activities are best suited for all youth ages 8-11, your whole family will enjoy a beautiful spring campout in our park-like setting in Hobble Creek Canyon.

The fun begins as soon as you check in on Friday. Put up your tent, spread your sleeping bags, have a campsite dinner, and then you’re off to play.

That evening, you can fish in our pond and the creek or play tether-ball and gaga ball. Then as it gets darker, enjoy the camaraderie and fun of a campfire program with the other campers and our staff. End the day with an outdoor movie in the pavilion.

In the morning we’ll feed you breakfast, then you can get right back to your programs, including:

  • Bouldering Wall
  • Knots
  • Crafts
  • Fishing
  • Boats
  • BB Guns

At noon there will be lunch, then more time for activities.

Don’t miss out, learn more about Partner and Pal here!

Camp Jeremiah Johnson, in Hobble Creek Canyon, adjacent to Rotary Park. (Click here for downloadable map).

Any parent/guardian/family member and child combination. Other family members are always welcome. Activities are best suited for youth ages 8-11.

What is the cost?
$17.50 per person (Fee includes all activities plus breakfast/lunch on Saturday.)
$6.00 per non-participating youth (food only)

What to bring?
An evening picnic and anything you would need to stay warm and camp overnight, otherwise we will have all the supplies you need.

If you have questions, contact Ann Shumway at or call 801-437-6218. Ann Shumway is our Day Camping, STEM and Learning for Life Director in Utah National Parks Council.

Author: Ann Shumway | Camp Director at Camp Jeremiah Johnson, Utah National Parks Council

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2 thoughts on “Family Camping: Partner & Pal Campout

  1. AnnaleisAnnaleis

    I took my daughter and my mother to the Partner and Pals campout last fall. 3 generations all in one tent. We had a great time. We found out that my mother (who is in her 70s) is the best at archery. My daughter (11) had a great time with the BB guns and fishing. It was a really great time for all 3 of us.

  2. AvatarRenee

    I have been wanting to take my boys to this! Unfortunately, we probably won’t make this one but I am planning on going in September. This would be right up their alley!


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