By Bob Gowans
Dec 31, 2015

For New Years Eve—Eat on Safely

It’s probably not wise to make light of any risk management issue in BSA, but my good friend Robert Gowans shared this a few years back. It just seems the thing for this crazy holiday season with all its food and eating.

Here are the Eight Points of Eat on Safely:

Follow me boys1-Qualified Supervision

  • Take your supervisor if you can get him to pay
    (but your Scoutmaster will do in a pinch)



2-Scouting eatingBuddy Plate

  • Every plate needs a buddy plate.




3-Ability Scouts eating MellonsGroups

  • Appetizer
  • Soup
  • Salad
  • Main course
  • Dessert

4-Proper Scouts CookingEquipment Use

  • Don’t poke out your eye with your fork
  • Any utensil is a good utensil



Scouts at Thanksgiving5-Proper Program Planning

  • When going into an expensive buffet, don’t fill up on the cheap orange jello.
  • Do stuff your pockets with the expensive wrapped chocolates


Scouts cooking outdoors in 1930.6-Look Outs

  • —Have look outs posted at the Buffet for fresh food items!




Scouts cooking outddors7-Leave No Trace

  • If you make a mess, don’t leave your ID




8-fat scouterDiscipline

  • —Don’t eat too much or you won’t be able to eat later!


Bob, thanks for the smile to start the new year.

Author:Bob Gowans Bob Gowans | Director of Camping, Utah National Parks Council and Bishop of the La Verkin 6th Ward. He teaches the Eight Point Safe Swim Defense Plan nearly every year at National Camp School

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