By Madison Austin
May 20, 2017

Get Ready For Camp Event – A Success!

At the Utah National Parks Council in Orem, Utah, the yearly “Get Ready for Camp” event brought families and Boy Scouts into the Scout Shop to get ready for a summer of camps.  This yearly event features everything a boy would need to prepare for any of the Boy Scout camps they are heading to. Along with a helpful and friendly staff, the Scout Shop also offers a one-time-only 20 percent discount on camp gear! This is the perfect time to get all the fun, new equipment you will need. 

Camping Gear for Scouters of All Ages

When I headed into the shop’s event that day, I was not disappointed by all of the new equipment that you could pick up. One of my favorite things I found was a new camping lantern by Luci. This lantern is small, light, solar-powered and easy to carry. By clipping it on the outside of your pack, this little light can spend the day charging in the sun as you hike. Once you’re ready to use your lantern, it inflates into its full size and illuminates your area. Talk about a space-saver!

Another exciting new thing you can find at the Scout Shop is this revolutionary Dutch Oven, by CampMaid. Some features include a kickstand to lift and hold the hot lid.  There are also multiple different ways to grill, steam, and bake camp food. Scouters of all ages can enjoy this advanced new tool and take their campfire cooking to a whole new level. Get an even better look at this awesome new tool here.

I also had a great time getting fitted by a backpack while I was there. I don’t own a backpacking pack, so it was a really great opportunity to learn about what worked best. This can also be a great experience for any camper who is like me and doesn’t own a pack yet. Or for that matter, any other camping supplies you could need. At the shop, you can get fitted for all your new gear and find all the information you need to get started. 

Prepared For Life

Whether you’re getting ready for camp, a Scout leader, a dedicated camper, or a lifetime Scouter, the Scout Shop is the perfect place to start your search. So, grab your camping checklist and head to the shop to find tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, camp chairs, first aid kits, and everything else you could need. Being prepared for life starts here

If you have questions, just call your National Scout Shop at the number listed below!

National Scout Shop, Orem, Utah: (801) 221-1008



Author: Madison Austin | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council 

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