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By Julia Thompson
Mar 03, 2018

First All Girls Klondike

Klondikes aren’t anything new. In fact, it’s been an icy adventure that Scouts have been competing in for years. But, today, March 3, 2018, marks the first annual All Girls Klondike Derby. Young women, ages 12-18, were invited to the Klondike to participate in some of the most thrilling and unique activities a girl could ask for. I mean, who wouldn’t want to show arrows into a stuffed teddy bear?

all girls klondike







The All Girls Klondike

After weeks of anticipation, the first All Girls Klondike was finally here. Girls exited their vehicles with the palpable excitement of the events to come.

The All Girls Klondike officially starteall girls klondiked at the 7:30 am meeting at the Trading Post. Throughout the day the girls participated in tomahawk throwing, field archery shooting at 3D animal targets, first aid stretcher races, teddy bear target archery, fire building races, rifle shooting, and snowshoeing. They also had a chance to play on the high ropes course and zip line.

all girls klondike After a full day of adventure and competition, there was an awards ceremony. As is the tradition for Klondike Derby at Maple Dell, the coveted Ski Tip Klondike Award was awarded to the Champions.

The Brave Overnighters

Most of the groups of girls for the All Girls Klondike arrived on Saturday morning. However, one group of eight girls braved the freezing temperatures and started their adventure on Friday evening.

Brynn Jones, age 14 organized a group of girls to participate in the all-girls weekend. Brynn found out about the camp, just two weeks before the event. She chose to organize a group of girls to attend to fulfill the Integrity Vall girls klondikealue Project requirement for the LDS Personal Progress Program. As part of this requirement, Brynn was expected to act in a leadership position. To help her fulfill this, Brynn reached out to invite the girls in her ward Young Women’s group to participate, as well as extending an invitation to her friends, cousins, and younger sister. Two girls, sisters, from the ward chose to participate, as well as Brynn’s cousin, two of her best friends, her younger sister, and her younger sister’s best friend.

Strength and Beauty

Marcie, Brynn’s mom shared some thoughts about the All Girls Klondike.

“This group of girls has diverse backgrounds. Girls whose parents were going through a divorce, competitive swimmers, ballerinas, and girls who struggle with severe anxiety. The Klondike weekend allowed these girls to stretall girls klondikech themselves, and experience new adventures. A group favorite was the archery shoot. The girls also loved the challenge of overcoming fears to participate in the high-ropes course and zip line. The girls enjoyed participating in the different events of the Klondike Derby and earned the fastest time in the sled race for the weekend. Overall the girls won second place in the All Girls Klondike Derby.

As a mother, I am so grateful for those who advocated for the girls to have an opportunity to participate in the Klondike weekend. This event was the first time any of the girls had camped in freezing temperatures. Because they were well prepared, they slept warm and were well rested and able to enjoy the activities of the day. The strength and fearlessness these girls exhibited encouraged one another to try new things. So often, our girls are underestimated as assumptions are made about what girls will enjoy, or what girls are capable of doing. This weekend taught these girls they are capable of all girls klondikedoing challenging things and excelling. This weekend showed these girls they are strong and capable and there is strength and beauty in doing things which stretch us and help us grow.

Every single girl came away from the weekend energized about their experience and eager to participate again next year!”

The Girls

Brynn – “This camp was a great experience. Organizing a group to participate in the Klondike helped me develop my leadership skills. My favorite part was the teddy bear archery shoot. I am definitely going to do this again if I have the chance.”

Hallee – “I enjoyed the Klondike very much. I loved the archery part of the weekend. I felt very safe and comfortable at the camp. I met new people and had new experiences! It was something I would do again and again. The camp was a trip I will remember forever. Anyone would be blessed to experience this camp.”

Aubriana – “I loved going on the Klall girls klondikeondike with my friends and the new people I got to know. My favorite part was the archery station. It was a new experience for me and I loved it! I would totally recommend it to anyone!”

Abbie – “I am a competitive swimmer and avid reader. I love learning about Astronomy, paleontology and marine biology. In other words, I’m kinda a nerd. My favorite part about the Klondike camp was probably the stars, like I said, I love astronomy. I spent the entire time after dinner freaking out about the constellations. And because we were away from light radiation, there were MILLIONS of stars! The hardest part was, without a doubt, walking through the snow. No matter how tall I was or how high I lofted my legs, the snow was up to my knees. During the trip, I learned how to untangle myself from a ropes course 20 feet off the ground, (something I had never experienced before). I really had fun spending time with my friend and would gladly do it again.”



all girls klondike


All-in-all the participants had a great time. They were pushed to their limits and built unbreakable bonds with their friends. They discovered their ability to thrive in high-intensity situations. But, most of all they had fun.




I cannot wait to see what the future holds for these girls and what next year’s All Girls Klondike has in store.



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Author: Julia Thompson | Marketing and Fund Development Associate, Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America

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