By Maloree Anderson
Jun 20, 2016

Scouts and families enjoy the 2016 Maple Dell Scout Show

It was a delightful day to attend the Maple Dell Scout Show. Payson Canyon gave its Scout camp the perfect atmosphere to host a family day. The sun was ablaze, the lake gleaming below, and even wildlife came to investigate what the summer fuss was about.

The camp was full of exciting activities for the families to discover. Rifle/BB gun shooting, archery, rock climbing, nature center, handicrafts, and much more. The two biggest hits were the high ropes course (COPE Cube) and of course, the lake.

The COPE cube enabled people to test their balance and strength through a series of rope obstacles while suspended up in the air! Once they have reached a certain point, the climber had a chance to soar over the water, waving to the spectators below, on the zip line that is strung over the lake. The lake was also full of adventure; swimming on the beach, catching tadpoles with nets, climbing the inflatable water slide and rock climb. They even had a rope swing!

What a splendid way to spend a summer day. Maple Dell Scout Camp was the place to be to try new things and just have some plain old fun. Will we see you at the next Scout show?

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Author: Maloree Anderson | is a photographer, graphic designer, mom of one, friend of Scouting and Marketing Specialist with the Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America.

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