By Michelle Carpenter
Sep 10, 2016

Maple Dell Stake Activity Center Dedication Elicits Spirit of Giving

Two college-aged girls assisted a couple rock climbing. A shooting sports director supervised young Scouts pointing guns at targets. Two grandparents walked up the mountain so their grandkids could take the golf cart. On Friday, September 7th, I went to Maple Dell Scout Camp for the dedication of the new Stake Activity Center.


A camp staff employee helps a boy climb a rock wall.

Prior to the dedication, I toured the grounds. I was impressed by the spirit of giving shown by those I met.

I saw this attitude in a camp employee when she noted that this is the best job she’s ever had. I noticed it in Church leaders who eagerly considered ways for their youth to use new facilities.

I continued to see that same spirit while listening to speakers and hearing the dedicatory prayer by Elder Dale H. Munk. As they spoke, they mentioned those who  gave time and money for the camp.

Dave Johnson, the Camping Director of Maple Dell, told stories of efforts made throughout time and recently:

“In 2016, we taught 31 merit badges in eight different program areas,” he said, explaining badges available. “We also expanded our older boy program to include teaching skills helpful for a young man’s mission, offering times to schedule temple trips.”

This required significant effort from employees and volunteers. Dave Pack, the Scout Executive, explained how all the efforts to build new facilities is to serve young individuals and adults.

“In the end, it’s all about the young men and the young women that will have the opportunity to use the facilities. And not just use the COPE Course. And not just swim at the lake. And not just eat in the dining facilities,” said Pack. “But, to have life-changing experiences that will prepare them for their future.”

Ken Krogue gave the closing remarks at Maple Dells dedication.

Ken Krogue gave the closing remarks at Maple Dells dedication.

Ken Krogue, founder of, gave a substantial amount of money toward the new utilities. He said he wasn’t good at fundraising. Instead, he just tried to make more money in his business, so he could donate more. He talked about the spiritual growth that comes when Scouts are at camp. He explained how he’s seen a spiritual change in young men during Friday testimony meetings.

“They stand up and they share something they’ve never shared before. A light is burning within them,” he said, talking about how camp changes them. ” And the Lord never, ever let us down. And he never does. ”

I believe this attitude of giving existed all day because others feel the same way as Ken. Many there contributed time, money, and efforts to make the camp possible. Others look forward to using the camp for good purposes.

At the end of the day, they asked members of the Keepers of the Flame giving society to stand. I was surprised when so many in the audience arose.

Keepers of the Flame commit to giving $1,000+ per year for three years. They might have used that money on clothing, fun, or technology but instead, they choose to give. They are those that believe that Scouting changes boys for good.

Maple Dell’s dedication elicited a spirit of service because of the goodness of the people attending.

Check out this brief tour of the new Stake Activity Center at Maple Dell.

If you want to rent this facility, contact John Gailey at


Author: Michelle Carpenter | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council.

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  1. AvatarMaloree E Anderson

    It was truly a relaxing and informative night. I wish every night could be spent at Scout camp with good food, good friends, and the feeling of the spirit. Can’t wait to see the Stakes use this awesome facility!


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