By Darryl Alder
May 08, 2016

There is No Mom Like a Scout Mom

scout mom pins featureFor Scouts and Scouters, there really is nothing like a Scout Mom. No two moms are alike, but most Scout moms have something very important in common: their boys would be lost without them. From helping her Scout pack for his first camping trip to cheering him on as he nervously calls the merit badge counselor, a Scout mom is there every step of the way. And finally the reward comes, when mom and son stand side by side at a court of honor, where mom gets to pin the big badge on her son and the Scout pins on his mom’s miniature badge—a symbol of everything she’s done along the way.

Well, at least that was how it was with my mom. Always there, always supporting.

The Boy Scout and other Scouting blogs are full of articles and stories about Scout moms. In honor of Mother’s Day, here are a few of our favorites:

Nettie Francis writes about Scouting moms at the LDS BSA Blog. LIke my mom, she wrote:

Nettie Mark and sonI am a mother—and I’m grateful for Scouting. I worried when my oldest son went to his first weeklong Scout camp. He packed his own backpack. He set up his own tent. He built his own fire. He wrote his own skit. He made his own arrow. He crafted his own cardboard boat. He rowed himself across the lake . . . and sank. But he grabbed his paddle and swam to safety. He cried. He wanted to come home early. He stuck it out and came home a different boy. The following week he conducted a court of honor, attended the baptism of a fellow Boy Scout, organized a campout, and bore his testimony in sacrament meeting. I’m grateful for Scouting.

As the mother of several sons, I’ve observed that boys are rambunctious, noisy, and active, and are generally in need of greater physical and mental direction than girls. Thank goodness for Scouting activities which provide them with productive, moral ways to use their hands and minds.” …more

Kevin Hunt, in his How to be a Super Scout Mom recalls his own mother and offers suggestions to the new Scout mom. He writes:

Thanks MomI can honestly say that as a Scout mom, my own mother was about as perfect as one could get.  She was always there for me.  She supported me and my Scout brothers in every way possible.  I owe much to her for her strength and love when I was a Scout and continuing through these many years.

And from my own mother, I have taken note and would now like to share many of her philosophies, attitudes, and attributes with all Scout moms everywhere.  I’ve added some of my own editorializing that I’ve learned as I have observed other Scout­ing moms.  And if you’ll do these things, it is possible for every Scout Mom to really be a “Super Scout Mom” as mine was. …more

One of my favorite blog sites is ScouterMom.comJeannine Szatkowski is a prolific blogger with vast experience as a assistant Scoutmaster, a merit badge counselor, advisor for a Venturing crew, and a pack trainer. Her blog is a resource for adults and youth involved in Scouting. There she lists this old song I use to use to teach the Scout Law:

Trustworthy Tommy Song

Sing to the tune of Yankee Doodle

Trustworthy Tommy was a Boy Scout,
Loyal to his Mother,
Helpful to the folks about and
Friendly to his brother.
Courteous to a girl he knew,
Kind unto his rabbit
Obedient to his father, too and
Cheerful in his habit.
Thrifty saving for a need
Brave and not a faker
Clean in word and thought and deed and
Reverent to his Maker

And there is always that great Scouter’s minute, “Sorry Mom, There is No Charge” where son and mom share their service balance sheets, and of course, mom comes out on top.

As you think about your mom or wife today, share a few thoughts below.

Darryl head BW

Author: Darryl Alder | Strategic Initiatives Director, Utah National Parks Council, BSA, has three brothers and a dad who were all active in Scouting thanks to the constant support of our mom.


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