By Julia Thompson
May 15, 2019

Pro Rafting Tours with Donny Hazard – Trail to Eagle Merit Badge Sponsor

With the start of the new Trail to Eagle Merit Badge Workshop program, we have had some awesome businesses in our community sponsor some Merit Badge Workshops. Recently, Pro Rafting Tours became a sponsor of the Whitewater and Kayaking Merit Badge.

Sign up for one of their rafting Merit Badge Workshops HERE.

Who is Pro Rafting Tours?

The Pro Rafting Tours team is a close family that is three generations strong and have been part of the rafting community for over 40 years.  Through countless trips spent guiding, rafting and kayaking in over 200 domestic and international rivers, our team has grown to become a dynamic, highly-skilled, knowledgeable, innovative and widely-respected river outfitter.

pro rafting toursThey are more than a river outfitter, though. They produce luxury events and vacation packages where people immerse themselves in quality entertainment and learn. Some of their vacation packages include wellness, yoga, and couples’ retreats. They enjoy scenic views and a wild river with exciting rapids and pristine sandy beaches. It includes educational lectures, informative talks, music, and group exercise classes. Fresh, well-crafted, healthy cuisine is also apart on the all-inclusive and entirely off-grid gorgeous river environment. Participants are secluded from the hectic distractions of everyday life which help forge crucial connections.

Why Pro Rafting Tours Exists from the Founders:

pro rafting toursWe provide our guests with Entertainment and Immersion Learning Experiences that are positive, life-changing and unforgettable. We do this by producing top events and exclusive first-rate vacation packages through our exceptional team of highly-trained, personable, fun-loving and caring river guides, crew and staff. Behind-the-scenes, our professional staff seamlessly manages operations to ensure every single detail of guests’ experiences exceeds all expectations. We add the special touches that make our guests know that you are special to us.

We care about every detail from booking trips, catering to guests’ special requests and unique needs and answering any questions about our rivers. We suggest local attractions and accommodations, different transportation options so your vacation will be easy to plan, stress-free and exceptional. We train youth groups with highly trained instructors with our in-depth Immersion Learning classes. Down to the smallest, yet important details, we always assure there are plenty of fun evening games on-hand, a roaring campfire and soft fresh pillows to lay your head on at night to sleep while the sound of the river lulls you off to a great sleep.

We would love the opportunity to introduce you to “river life” if you are new to river rafting and kayaking. Even more, we would love to offer you opportunities to expand your life experiences through our Entertainment and Immersion Learning events. We would love to host you while you fully enjoy life-changing experiences that will truly be the best you have ever had.

Donny Hazard

pro rafting toursDonny Hazard is one of the founders of Pro Rafting Tours. Dave Johnson at Maple Dell Scout Camp has been working with Donny to help Scouts get their whitewater and kayaking merit badges during the camp season for many years. Donny grew up in Scouting and is a Life Scout. His dad, also apart of the company, was a Scout Master for a long time. Rafting is a family passion. Donny started rafting when he was five years old. He has gone down over 200 rivers in 9 different countries. This includes a few first descents, meaning they have not been rafted by anyone else. Donny is excited to see how he can help Scouts in our community.

Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking on the Provo River

pro rafting toursPro Rafting Tours has set up multiple Merit Badge Workshops coming up on:

Only 24 guests are allowed on each launch, so act fast! All others will be added to a waiting list. 

These events will be day-long adventures on the Provo River. The run is easy and perfect for beginners. Both merit badges will be completed by the end of the day. Parents and leaders are also welcome to attend. The cost is $69 per participant. This is a great opportunity to learn whitewater and kayaking skills and put them to use in a fun and safe environment.

Those interested in turning this excursion into a camping trip can stay at Nunn’s Park.

Salmon River Expedition

pro rafting toursPro Rafting Tours is also setting up a Salmon River Expedition for Scouts and their families. This five-day long trip is all inclusive with gourmet meals and comfortable sleeping arrangements. It may be completely off the grid, but it is still high end. Think of it as a family vacation meets Scout Camp. By the end of the trip, Scouts can earn up to eight merit badges. There are a limited number of spots for the 10 Forest Service issued launch dates. All other interested groups will be added to a waitlist. Years of experience and a permit is required for guides to take people down this portion of the Salmon River.

This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime!

Interested in other merit badge workshops? Check them out!

Author: Julia Thompson | BA in English from BYU | Marketing and Fund Development Associate | Boy Scouts of America, Utah National Parks Council

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