By Debany Henriksen
May 01, 2017

“Get Ready for Camp” Event Offers Unique 20 Percent Discount

You get deals like Black Friday but not the crazy of Black Friday. 

It only happens one day out of every year; our Orem Scout Shop has its official “Get Ready For Camp Event”. This year, the event is Saturday May 20th 10 am – 3 pm. There will be many outdoor items on sale at 20 percent off.  

About 37 years ago, my husband and I got our first calling as a married couple–we jointly lead the 11-year-old Scouts. Back then, they called it “Blazer Scout Patrol”.

For 32 of our 37 married years,  Bruce has been serving in Scouts. He’s done everything from COR to Unit Commissioner to Webelos. 

I should have known then if our married life started out in Scouting, that’s where he would be most of our marriage even though we have five daughters and only one son.

Thirty-five years ago, assisting my Scoutmaster husband in getting ready for camp, we did not have the cooking gear available we have today. 

The cooking gear has evolved now, and people can buy very high tech  products. This makes cooking at camp fast easy and fun! For instance, now we have “Sporks”, so we only need to take one utensil while camping. The Orem Scout Store offers all sorts of updated items, but you can only get all the discounts this May 20th. 

A huge variety of items are available to purchase: tents, sleeping bags, day packs, hiking backpacks, cooking pans, dutch ovens, hydration packs, water bottles, water purifiers, hammocks, and more.

People can also engage in various activities:  knot tying, backpack fitting, backpack packing, etc.

You don’t want to miss this once a year, one day only sale at the Orem Scout Shop with over 500 items 20% off to help you get ready for this year’s outdoor camp outs and activities! View our event here




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One thought on ““Get Ready for Camp” Event Offers Unique 20 Percent Discount

  1. AvatarDebany Henriksen

    I love that Don Ellsworth is peeking behind the Summer Camp sign, miss his strong work ethic at the Orem Scout Shop.


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