By Michelle Carpenter
Apr 19, 2017

Scout Camp is an Affordable, Rustic Alternative for Wedding Receptions

 The average person spends thousands on a wedding venue. But, we aren’t average; we’re Utahans.

We spend less than most in the nation for venues. After all, a couple often marries in a temple (that’s free). Plus, with big families, we can’t afford a ton just for a post-party spot. So, it must be rather cheap here, right?

$5,436. That’s how much we pay on average for a venue. Yes, it’s cheaper than $20,000 of crazy. But, it is still a whole lot of money (try the cost of two semesters of BYU education). Why do we spend so much to rent a place for one day?

It doesn’t have to be like that. I know of a few great options (which don’t require you to resort to the church’s cultural hall).  These options cost hundreds, not thousands. And, if I had known about them in my unmarried days, I would’ve been telling all my single lady friends. 

These options all exist in one location: Maple Dell Scout Camp. The place (obviously) has rustic, natural beauty– rolling grass, real mountains, a large blue lake, open air. (See that picture below? Looks nice, doesn’t it? That’s Maple Dell.) Plus, it’s in Utah County, making it convenient for many BYU and UVU brides. 

One more reason I’m stoked about this option? Consider the photo opportunities. I would’ve loved to take pictures in my bridal gown by a lake or in the middle of trees. 

Here are a few  locations available at the camp for wedding and reception rental:

The Maple Dell Stake Pavilion

Less than six months ago, this building was dedicated by area seventy Dale H. Munk. It’s that new. The place seats 75, and the kitchen comes fully equipped. I personally love the amphitheater and think it’d be a cute place for a couple dance and for speeches to the bride and groom. So, how much is it for a building in the middle of nature? The cost is just $125. 


Clyde Lodge

I’m a country gal at heart, and I just adore the look of this spot. I love the wood walls, the large ceiling beams, the old school chandeliers, and the two-story rock fireplace. It’s beautiful, cozy, and would be so perfect for a country reception. Good thing it’s only $150 per day to rent. 

Other Options

Look into other options for venues. Love shooting? You might want to use the rifle range. Want it outdoors? Try the waterfront. 

You can also rent an activity center (with a kitchen) at Quail Creek Scout Camp. $150 is the cost for an evening, and it has the capacity for 150.

You don’t have to pay a lot to get a lot. Sometimes, you just need to be smart, and look at unexpected places(like a Scout camp).  Have ideas for how you want to use the camp? Contact John Gailey for rental questions.



Author: Michelle Carpenter | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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