By Maloree Anderson
Aug 21, 2017

Scouts Soar High During Aviation Adventure

The Wasatch District hosted an Aviation Merit Badge Adventure last Saturday at the Heber Municipal Airport. Scouts trickled in Friday evening prepping themselves for the adventure. As classes started the Scouts got a surprise when a medical chopper touched down right outside the building and boys got to explore and ask questions about the helicopter. Soon day became night and troops set up their tents and camped out right there at the airport.

The next morning, the sun peaked over the mountains down into the valley, Scouts once again got busy with the activities. A majority of the activities consisted of working on the Weather, Fire Safety, Fingerprinting, and Radio Merit Badges. The boys were immersed in the aviation atmosphere as some of the classes were being held in an airplane hanger. They learned the ins and outs of aviation with the sound of planes buzzing overhead filled the air.

Scouts had a burning passion (literally) for the welding class. The best was witnessing these young boys drowning in the obviously adult-sized coveralls and welding jackets, hoods on their heads, trying to weld for the first time. The instructors couldn’t be more thrilled about passing on this kind of life skill to the younger generation. One instructor stated, “These skills stop kids from falling through the cracks.” The Aviation Adventure provided an opportunity for youth to learn unique talents to apply throughout their own personal lives.

What’s an Aviation Adventure without actual planes? Thanks to the Young Eagles Program the boys got to be hands on with the aircrafts. Sitting in the cockpits, putting on the head sets, visualizing what it would be like to be a pilot were all ways for Scouts to discover if this could be their future career choice. Not one boy didn’t have a smile on their face as they climbed out of the cabin back onto the tarmac.

Scouting isn’t just about earning merit badges. It’s about getting outside and gaining experience to become a functioning member of society. The Aviation Adventure was the perfect resource in getting young men in an environment that they otherwise wouldn’t have been in. Will you be joining us for the next adventure?

Don’t miss out on the action! View the gallery below!


Author: Maloree Anderson | is a photographer, graphic designer, mom of one, friend of Scouting and Marketing Specialist with the Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America.

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