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By Nicole Balmforth
Sep 13, 2018

Family Scouting: Fun for the Entire Family

Families today are busier and more diverse than ever. “The BSA believes we owe it to families to structure our program offerings in a way that fits into their busy lives to deliver character development and values-based leadership training that Scouting promises.” Thus, Family Scouting was introduced.

The new Family Scouting program benefits families because it opens the door for both sons and daughters to participate in outdoor adventures and character building exercises with their parents. The Scouting community, including volunteers, donors, and professional staff, are all in full support of family inclusion within the BSA. And although you have probably heard a lot about Family Scouting over the past few months, we want to make sure you aren’t missing any of the key facts.

Girls in Scouting

With this new program, girls are able to join both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and participate alongside their brothers. Girls were able to join Cub Scouts earlier this year (June 2018), while girls 11 to 17 will be able to join Scouts BSA, formerly known as Boy Scouts, in February of 2019.

This program will not interfere with the BSA’s current commitment to build the Boy Scout community. The BSA saw and addressed the need for families to find easier ways to spend quality time together.

Packs and Dens

Existing chartered partners have several choices to make when it comes to Family Scouting. They can either: 1) establish a new girl pack, 2) establish a pack that consists of girl dens and boy dens, or 3) remain an all-boy pack

The dens will be either all girl or all boy—there are no co-ed dens. The decision to make dens single-gendered came from the uniquely built and structured programs of the BSA that have historically proven to benefit our single-gender programs.

Curriculum and Uniform

The current curriculum and programs in place at the BSA are relevant to both girls and boys. That is why the BSA has chosen to keep these awesome programs the same. It will be all the same hiking, camping, outdoor activities, and character building programs as seen in previous years. Programs build upon the Scout values which are valuable guidelines for your sons and daughters. The uniforms for the girls will mostly remain the same with some alterations to fit and style for comfortability.

Any other questions regarding the addition of girls to the Boy Scouts of America program can be found here.

Family Scouting in the Utah National Parks Council

Family Scouting has been a success here at Utah National Parks Council with our early adopter program. This program offered councils the ability to extend to chartered partners the option to enroll girls in the Cub Scout program before it officially launched in June of 2018. There are already three packs participating in the early adopter program with more to come this fall.

Want your son or daughter to join in on the adventure? Click here!

Upcoming Family Events 

There are several events on the Utah National Parks Council’s calendar that Scouts and their families can get involved in:

The Boy Scouts of America is excited to extend its values to the entire family. Now girls, boys, mothers, fathers, cousins, friends, grandparents, and everyone can participate in and live Scouting’s adventure.

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Author: Nicole Balmforth | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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