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By Nicole Balmforth
Feb 07, 2019

New Springville Girls Troop Meets for First Time

If you haven’t heard already, the historic Scouts BSA program officially began on February 1st, allowing young women ages 11 to 17 the ability to participate in the program. Many young women are thrilled to join, amongst them are Scouts from Troop 1456 in Springville. On February 1st, Troop 1456, comprised only of females, held their first meeting. We’d like to officially welcome Troop 1456 and say that we’re very excited to have such wonderful, young, enthusiastic Scouts in our council.

During their first meeting, the Troop enjoyed team-building exercises to bond and grow together.  Felice Clements, Committee Chairman, noted that the girls were all having a ton of fun and were working well together. There were many parents in attendance at the meeting, many of whom had already been involved in the Scouting program. A lot of the parents had either been Scout Masters or had sons in the program and were really looking forward to sharing this opportunity with their daughter. Being able to officially involve their daughters and be a part of their learning, experiences, and skill-building is allowing families to grow closer. 

Troop 1456

troop 1456

Photo provided by: KSL TV

This much-anticipated change to the program has several of the girls thrilled to be involved in a program that they’ve been participating in unofficially for years. All seven girls in attendance were present with smiles on their face as they got to know each other and learn about Scouting. One female Scout, in particular, has been excited to join since the Boy Scouts of America made the announcement in 2017. Isabelle’s excitement was tangible during the meeting on Friday. KSL reported that Isabelle said, “girls are strong, girls are independent. We can do what guys can do.” 

The Leaders of Troop 1456 

Many of the leaders are looking forward to teaching these young women about the Scout Oath, Law, and ways for the first time. Clement, whose daughter is in the troop, is excited “that her daughter will get to have a formalized structured way of learning Scout skills.” Clements believes that all the experiences and skills the program has in store for them will provide them with opportunities to grow. “The thing that I’m looking forward to is the fact that these girls are going to have an opportunity to lead one another, and it just gives more youth more opportunities, both boys and girls, to learn leadership skills,” said Clements, when asked about her favorite part of Scouts BSA.


Many are worried about the program combining both young women and young men, however, we want to be clear that the troops are not co-ed.  The research has shown that there are several benefits to single-gender programs, and the character building and leadership opportunities we have to offer benefits both men and women. The young women and young men will each have their own troop, but they will come together for certain activities.

The program is staying the same, except for the inclusion of young women and families. The uniforms, the requirements to become an Eagle Scout, and the merit badges will all be the same. It is still the same program you know and love. 

Join Today

We appreciate all the support through this transition to Scouts BSA. Our program is just as valuable and applicable to young women as it is to young men. With seven female Scouts, Troop 1456 is open to other young females interested in joining. 

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All photos provided by: KSL TV 

Girls Officially Join Scouts BSA, Springville Troop Celebrates Changes


Author: Nicole Balmforth | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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