By Madison Austin
Nov 02, 2018

Support Scouting by Shopping with AmazonSmile

Through its AmazonSmile program, introduced in 2014, Amazon allows shoppers to choose a charity of their choice. Amazon usually donates 0.5 percent of the price of your eligible purchase to our Council or the public charitable organization of your choice. But today, your purchases can be even more meaningful with this promotion. As if you needed another reason to shop at Amazon!

The one-time setup takes just a couple of seconds (instructions below), and you get the same prices, products and service you’re used to when shopping at Amazon. It doesn’t cost you any extra; the only difference is now you’re helping Scouting every time you buy.

How to Set Up AmazonSmile

Step 1: Go to Smile.Amazon.Com and Login

If you aren’t already signed in to your Amazon account, you will be prompted to sign in. Simply use your normal Amazon login information.

Once you are signed in, this is the first page that you will see once you reach This is where you can choose which charity you would like to support. 

Step 2: Search “Utah National Parks Council”

You can select one of Amazon’s spotlight charities or you can type in your own public charity that you would like to support. If you would like to support our Council, search “Utah National Parks Council” in the search bar below the spotlight charities. 

Step 3: Select the Correct Charity

Once you search our Council name, a few results will be shown to you. The first result shown here is the correct one: Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America. Once you locate this option, click “select”. It’s as easy as that! Only a few more steps left. 

Step 4: Follow the Prompts

Simply check “Yes” and make sure you understand that you must start at for your purchase to support your charity. Next, start shopping! 

Step 5: Check the Top-Left Corner and Start Shopping!

Make sure that your purchases count by shopping through You can make sure by checking the top left corner – it should show the AmazonSmile logo. 

Step 6: Make Sure Products are Eligible for AmazonSmile

Most items sold by Amazon qualify, but confirm that on the product page before you check-out. It’ll say “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation.” And this is a good time to triple-check that you see AmazonSmile and the proper charity at the top-left corner.

Step 7: Check Out and Smile

This part is easy. Once you have followed all of the above steps and ensured that 1) you are using and 2) that your item(s) are eligible for AmazonSmile you can check out and smile knowing you have done a Good Turn for your Council!

Step 8: Your Impact

Once you have made an eligible purchase, you will be able to track the impact you have made for your charity. Simply hover over the Council name at the top of the page and you can see how much you have generated for Scouting in your community!

And don’t forget!

Your purchases can still support the Council year-round at AmazonSmile’s normal donation rate of 0.5 percent. So, even if you miss this promotion, you can still support Scouting anytime you shop at Amazon!

Author: Madison Austin | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council 


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