The Utah National Parks Council is the larges council in the BSA with over 84,000 youth and 42,000 adult volunteers
By Maria Milligan
Apr 25, 2016

Council Executive Board Business Meeting Report

On April 9th, the Utah National Parks Council held its annual Executive Board Business Meeting to discuss the state of council affairs and plan for the future. Prior to the meeting, executive board members were asked to consider five strategic initiatives:

  1. Charter partner and customer relationships
  2. Clear communication and training throughout the organization
  3. Technology and other resources for enhanced public relations
  4. Camping properties’ use and physical facilities
  5. Maintaining financial sustainability while reducing cost of Scouting to the families

Ray Chipman, Council Treasurer, reported on the Council’s financial statements for approval from the board. He shared that the Council is down in Friends of Scouting (FOS) donations as compared to the 2015 campaign, but management has taken the necessary steps to adjust funds and work within a more restricted budget. Ray also reaffirmed that the Council’s goal is to be as transparent as possible in its finances.

The Board also approved a few changes made by the National Council, BSA to the Utah National Parks Council bylaws:

  1. Added a clause that “No church or religious organization holding a valid charter shall be required to accept as adult leaders any person whose espoused personal beliefs are in conflict with the chartered organization’s religious principles.”
  2. Clarified that donations to the local council will be used for the local projects and programs to which they have been dedicated. Regardless of what happens to the Council, those funds and assets will not revert to the BSA National Council.
  3. Added a clause that “The National Council shall have the right to audit all records of local councils for compliance with national rules, regulations, and policies.”
  4. Clarified the validity of electronic communication and asserted that electronic communications, records, and signatures will satisfy any requirements under these bylaws. This gives the Council and its chartered partners more freedom to simplify record-keeping and registration processes by doing them electronically.

These changes were approved unanimously.

Rushford Lee, Council Vice President of Marketing and Media, took some time to report his initial findings from a survey his company, RED—Research Emotion Design—conducted of LDS leaders and Scouters about the five strategic initiatives. We will post a more thorough report when his team is finished compiling the results, but his initial overview showed that the two main areas of concern for bishops and stake presidents were clear communication and training throughout the organization and maintaining financial sustainability while reducing the cost of Scouting to the families. You can read a more detailed report of his presentation here.

Elder Dale Munk, the newly assigned head of the Council’s LDS Relationships Committee, thanked the board for their work in improving the lives of the youth in the area. He encouraged board members to continue listening to their customer base and moving forward in their partnership with the LDS Church.

The Council Key 3 each took time to address the board and thank members for their efforts. Stan Lockhart, Council President, talked about three initiatives that he is working on with National:

  1. Easier online registration and rechartering
  2. Less expensive uniforms or alternative options
  3. Online basic training for new leaders, so they can get their feet under them sooner and more easily.

The Executive Board meets quarterly to ensure the Council is on the right track and doing everything it can to better serve local youth.

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