dynamic scrip
By Julia Thompson
Apr 10, 2018

Dynamic Scrip: Make Money by Supporting Scouting

dynamic scrip

Dynamic Scrip

The Utah National Parks Council has recently partnered with Dynamic Scrip to create a more engaging and universal fundraising experience. This program allows you to get back and give back using Dynamic Pay.

Dynamic Pay

dynamic scripDynamic Scrip is changing the way you buy with Dynamic Pay. Like a Costco membership, you pay an annual fee to have access to the products. Instead of a warehouse though, you get access to a digital platform used for making mobile purchases with over 200 retailers. Essentially, this is a gift card app. You buy a gift card from the list of companies that can be used immediately. Most of the retailers even let you buy the exact amount you need. After your purchase, you get instant, on the spot rebates. This means after you buy a gift card in the app whatever fixed rebate percent the retailer chose will automatically go into your account to use to buy more gift cards. The rebate for most retailers is between five and ten percent. This rebate is then split between the buyer and the Utah National Parks Council.

For example, Jake was at the Olive Garden for a business meeting. Once the check arrived after the meal he checked the total. The total bill was for $25.63. He opened his Dynamic Pay app and found Olive Garden under the brand list. He purchased an Olive Garden gift card for $25.63 exactly. He then gave the gift card information to his server. His bill was taken care of on the spot with no extra hassle. Then, the Olive Garden rebate was in his Dynamic Pay app ready to be used to purchase another gift card another day. Half of the rebate was automatically donated to the Utah National Parks Council.

To start this mutually beneficial program, all you need is the $25/year membership and an attached credit card or bank account. Using gift cards at your selected retailer does not interfere with any coupons or other promotions.

Make money by supporting Scouting. Sign up today!

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And as always, thank you for your continued support!


Author: Julia Thompson | BA in English from BYU | Marketing and Fund Development Associate | Boy Scouts of America, Utah National Parks Council

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