By Elder Dale Munk
Aug 17, 2017

2017 Letter To Friends of Scouting in the Utah National Parks Council

Thank you for your kind support of Scouting and the young men it serves. Over 56,000 families contributed to the Church’s 2016 “Friends of Scouting Drive” for the Utah National Parks Council. A year has passed, and families may again respond to the First Presidency’s invitation to participate in the annual Friends of Scouting drive (Handbook 2, §13.6.8) and Scouting Handbook for Church Units in the United States, §8.15, 2015 edition. As you consider this opportunity, please review the information below on Local Alignment and Utah National Parks Council Finances.

Local Alignment

why scouting matters with titles

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Within the Church’s Utah South Area, Scouting is well-aligned with the Church’s values and goals. Our wards and branches are BSA’s charter partner in 99.3% of the Utah National Parks Council units. As to our packs, troops,and older boy programs, the Utah National Parks Council works with Church leaders to help the Church achieve desired outcomes for its young men – described under these jointly-developed “Six Pillars”:

  • Develop a testimony of Jesus Christ and His Gospel
  • Grow in capacity to charitably serve
  • Prepare to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood, make temple covenants, and serve honorable missions.
  • Build ability and confidence to do hard things
  • Learn to become a good husband and father
  • Be physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight

Utah National Parks Council Finances

The Utah National Parks Council serves Scout units from Utah county south to Washington county, Juab, Wasatch and Uintah counties. Utah National Parks Council also serves Scout units in Lincoln County and Mesquite, Nevada, and units on the Arizona Strip. With its 19 local districts, the Council serves over 85,000 Scouts and is, by far, the nation’s largest BSA Council in terms of numbers of boys and units served. The Council finance details include:

1. 100% of Friends of Scouting dollars are used to benefit scouting locally in the Utah National Parks Council and its districts. As for Scouts in LDS Church-sponsored units, BSA National is funded from Scout registration fees, which Church Headquarters annually pays directly to BSA National.  

2. Funds raised through Friends of Scouting are about 40% of the total income budget for the Utah National Parks Council. Camping and Activities Revenues make up about 49% of the income budget, while the remaining 11% comes from merchandise and supply sales, interest income, etc.

Click the image for a the full 2016 annual report.

3. Scouts’ participation in the Utah National Parks Council 12 camps (Maple Dell, Tifie, Thunder Ridge, etc.) are funded in part by Friends of Scouting dollars. Camp fees are subsidized annually by Friends of Scouting dollars in order to keep camp fees lower, allowing the Utah National Parks Council to have the lowest camp prices in the country.

  1. Friends of Scouting dollars are not the typical source with which Utah National Parks Council builds camps, buildings, and similar improvements. These funds come from separate donations and returns on past capital and endowment donations.

5. The Utah National Parks Council payroll for full-time employees averages $41,000 per full-time employee across the organization, including an average of $50,000 per full-time district executive.

6. The Utah National Parks Council employs 350 seasonal employees —mostly returned missionaries and teenagers from Utah South Area stakes—to teach and serve in camps. These young men and women, in their BSA employment, learn to teach and serve in powerful ways, in an away-from-home environment. This Scout employment helps train future missionaries.

7. The Utah National Parks Council accounting processes are professionally audited by Hinton Burdick CPAs & Advisors that helps assure that the Utah National Parks Council affairs are well managed and properly presented.

8. The Endowment Fund of the Utah National Parks Council is smaller than it ought to be, but appears both well managed and appropriately segregated. The Endowment Fund is approximately $3.3 million. Five percent of this amount — about $160,000 per year helps augment Capital and Operating activities.

9. The Utah National Parks Council has no debt. It has a line of credit with a present balance of $0 dollars. The line of credit is maintained as a prudent measure to “be prepared.”

10. The growth in the Friends of Scouting campaign totals does not keep pace with the membership growth (3,299 in the last year) in our rapidly growing region. In terms of expenditures per boy, the Utah National Parks Council is the nation’s most efficient council.

All donations to the Church’s 2017 Friends of Scouting drive are voluntary. Each will be deeply appreciated. Thank you for considering this opportunity.


Elder Dale H. Munk

Dale H MunkAuthor: Elder Dale Munk | Area Seventy for Utah South Area, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints | LDS-BSA Relationships Chair, Utah National Parks Council

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4 thoughts on “2017 Letter To Friends of Scouting in the Utah National Parks Council

  1. AvatarKathy Farnes

    Thank you for explaining where the Friends of Scouting funds go. It has always been so expensive to send boys to scout camps, pay for their awards, uniforms, etc., that we had to wonder WHY did we also have to donate more on top of what we were already paying. Your explanation definitely helps, especially explaining that it doesn’t all go to pay full-time scouters. It will be much easier this year to write a check to the Friends of Scouting fund.

  2. AvatarRocky Ruud

    If we donate on-line does it show we have donated to the Ward we belong to? Will the Ward clerk have a record that the donation is counted toward the Ward I reside in?

  3. AvatarJames Comish

    Does your FOS donations include corporate donations? Or are they separately accounted for? How active is the council in getting corporate sponsors? I am willing to assist with getting corporate sponsors — with so many Mormon owned businesses in the area, I would expect this to be fertile ground for resourcing.

  4. Avatarmarc Crump

    How do get my council to set up friends of scouting like this. i have asked them to help by setting up a way for people to pay online but have not gotten much help with this. we have peoplke in our unit that want to pay by mounth and donate they just want an easy way to do it. thanks any help would be great.


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