By Julia Thompson
Feb 06, 2018

Fundraising of All Shapes and Sizes

Fundraising and Donations: How You Can Help

Here at the Utah National Parks Council, we have many amazing donors, sponsors, volunteers, and grantors. And, we understand that not everyone is able to volunteer or donate enough money to get a camp named after you. But, that does not mean you care any less! So, what can the average person do for fundraising to help out their favorite non-profit and local youth empowering organization? Read on to find out.

Scout Saver Cards

The BSA UNPC has teamed up with Starving Student Cards, a discount card packed with hundreds of dollars of free stuff and over $4,000 of discounts from local businesses. Scout Saver Cards are just $20 and 75 percent of it goes directly back to Scouting.







How many of you use Amazon? I know it has recently become a staple in my life. Whether you are buying a new set of sheets, renting a book, or ordering groceries, your online shopping can help benefit the Utah National Parks Council. Simply type “smile” before the normal Amazon URL.

There will be an orange section below the Amazon search bar that says “Supporting”. After clicking on this, you can set the Utah National Parks Council as your charitable organization of choice. If you type our name into the search bar, our name will pop up and you can “select” us.

This tool can be used at no extra cost to you. You will still have the same competitive prices and the vast selection of Amazon. Amazon donates a portion of your sale to your selected organization. Eligible purchases will be marked with the “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on the specific product detail page.

This cool fundraising trick can give more money to our council without you having to do any extra work.

Dynamic Scrip

dynamic scrip

Dynamic Scrip is changing the way you buy with Dynamic Pay. Like a Costco membership, you pay an annual fee to have access to the products. Instead of a warehouse though, you get access to a digital platform used for making mobile purchases with over 200 retailers. You purchase a gift card from the list of businesses that can be used instantly. Most retailers let you purchase the precise amount you must pay. After your purchase, you get immediate, on the spot rebates. The rebate you earn from most retailers is between 5% and 10%. This reward is then divided between you and the Utah National Parks Council.

After you purchase the $25/year membership all you need is an attached credit card or bank account. Dynamic Pay does not conflict with coupons or promotions.

Make money by supporting Scouting. Sign up today!

Pizza Pie Cafe






Pizza Pie Cafe does a similar program. Next time you are visiting your local Pizza Pie Cafe, tell them you want to support the Utah National Parks Council. A portion of the price you pay will be donated to the UNPC at no extra cost to you. The money is going to be spent, might as well help the Scouts.

Smith’s Inspiring Donations


Smith’s Inspiring Donations® makes fundraising easy, all you have to do is shop at Smith’s Food and Drug with your Rewards Card. Smith’s will donate 0.5% of every eligible purchase made by supporters to the organization that the customer has linked to their rewards card.

Enrollment for supporters takes place online and participants must re-enroll every year Click on “Register” and type Utah National Parks Council to link your Smith’s Rewards Card. Purchases made using the linked rewards Cards will support UNPC. There is no cost to enroll for Smith’s Customers, and enrollment does not affect your fuel points or coupon discounts.

Donations for Volunteer Time

When a minimum of five Kohl’s Associates from one location volunteer at least three consecutive hours of their time with a qualifying organization, the nonprofit is given a $500 grant.


In 2017, 73,000 full- and part-time Walmart associates volunteered more than 1.2 million hours for various non-profits in their local communities. Associates may apply for a Volunteerism Always Pays (VAP) grant on behalf of their volunteer hours at eligible organizations. Once associates as individuals or as a group reach a threshold of 25 hours volunteered, individuals may apply for a $250 grant and groups may apply for grants up to $5,000 to the charity.

Through Allstate’s The Giving Campaign, Allstate provides a 15% bonus on donations made to nearly all 501(c)(3) organizations.

Through Chevron’s Grants for Good Volunteer Grant Program, the company provides funding to nonprofits where employees and retirees volunteer on a regular basis.

There are two tiers for individuals who volunteer regularly:

  • 20 volunteer hours = $500 grants
  • 40 volunteer hours = $1,000 grants


Through Adobe’s Dollars for Doers program, Adobe provides grants to nonprofits where employees volunteer. Adobe offers two types of grants:

#1 – Individual Volunteer Grants:
Adobe will provide a $250 USD grant for every 10 hours an employee volunteers at an eligible nonprofit, up to $10,000.

#2 – Team Volunteer Grants:
For every 10 employees participating in a volunteer event three hours or longer, Adobe will grant $1,000 USD to the charitable organization — up to $10,000 USD per year.

Disney VoluntEARS encourages employees to volunteer in their communities and rewards these efforts with grants to the eligible nonprofit of their choice. The grant amount varies according to total time volunteered:

  • 10-24 hours = $100
  • 25-49 hours = $250
  • 50-74 hours = $500
  • 75+ hours = $1,000

Disney also offers $2,500 grants through their “VoluntEARS of the Year” awards, which recognize exceptional individual volunteers.


Through Starbucks’ Partner Match Program, Starbucks provides grants to nonprofits where U.S. and Canadian employees and retirees volunteer. Starbucks employees are eligible after volunteering for at least 25 hours with an organization.

CVS employees can apply for Individual Volunteer Challenge Grants, which reward up to 100 hours of volunteering with up to $1,500. Teams of 50 or more can apply for $2,500 in grants.

When groups of two or more Best Buy Mobile employees collectively provide volunteer services to a nonprofit organization, they can earn up to $500 annually for that nonprofit. When groups of five or more employees at all other Best Buy locations volunteer together, they can earn $1,000 awards for the nonprofit.

IBM’s team volunteer grants support current and retired employees who volunteer together. Groups can request up to $7,500 in IBM equipment grants for eligible schools and nonprofits. Employees and retirees must volunteer for a collected 40 hours before they are eligible to apply.

Fundraising Days


When you partner with your local Chipotle restaurant to do fundraising for your group, they provide you with digital flyers to spread the word about when and where the fundraiser is taking place. Your supporters can then show the flyers in print, on their phones or simply mention it at checkout so the sale can go toward the fundraiser. In the end, 50% of each Chipotle order will go to your organization. Talk about a good chunk of burrito dollars.

Applebees is also dedicated to helping the community through their Flapjack Fundraisers. This event offers the restaurant facility during non-operating hours to help you raise money by selling set breakfast plates.

Several times a year, Whole Foods stores hold community giving days (otherwise known as “5% Days”) where five percent of that day’s net sales are donated to a local nonprofit or educational organization.

Matching Gifts for Fundraising

There are a lot of companies out there that like to give back to the community in a way that is meaningful to its employees. Some of these companies have set up a matching gifts program. Most will match employees’ giving one to one. For example, Home Depot matches up to $1,000 annually per employee to each organization he or she donates to (max $3,000 total per employee.) Some employers will match even higher. The Coca-Cola Company provides a 2:1 match so if you donate $100, Coke will write a check to the organization for $200 (max $20,000 Coke contribution per employee or retiree each year).


Top Matching Gift Companies

General Electric 1:1 $25,000
Soros Fund Management Up to 3:1 $300,000
BP (British Petroleum) 1:1 $5,000
Gap Corporation 1:1 $10,000
State Street Corporation 1:1 $35,000
ExxonMobil Up to 3:1 $22,500
CarMax 1:1 $10,000
Johnson & Johnson Up to 2:1 $20,000
Choice Hotels 1:1 $1,500
Microsoft 1:1 $15,000
Pfizer Up to 1:1 $15,000
Capital Group 2:1 $5,000
Bristol-Myers Squibb 1:1 $30,000
Coca-Cola 2:1 $20,000
IBM 1:1 $5,000
Avon Up to 2:1 $15,000
Air Products and Chemicals Up to 2:1 $5,000
American Express Up to 2:1 $8,000
FM Global Up to 2:1 $8,000
MBIA 2:1 $40,000

Unsure if your company does matching gifts? There are hundreds of companies that do! Ask your supervisor or check one of the databases.

Maple Dell Scout Camp Puzzle on SALE!











Scout Month is during February and in celebration, all Eric Dowdle puzzles are on sale! UNPC’s own Maple Dell Scout Camp is the newest Eric Dowdle Puzzle!


As always, thank you for your continued support.

Go find a way to use one of these methods in your life. Happy fundraising!


Author: Julia Thompson | Marketing and Fund Development, Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America

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2 thoughts on “Fundraising of All Shapes and Sizes

  1. AvatarJulia Thompson Post author

    I just found out that Culver’s does a fundraising day that gives back 15% to the organization. Are there any other businesses I missed?

  2. AvatarMaloree Anderson

    This information is good to know! My family doesn’t have much money to donate but these are things that I could participate in to help support a noble cause, (a.k.a. the Scouting program).

    I wonder how many more fundraising ideas are out there that we don’t know about.


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