By Maria Milligan
Nov 19, 2016

Home and Hearth Events with Hyrum Smith Inspire New Keepers of the Flame

Since its formation three years ago, the Keepers of the Flame giving society has made a marked difference in the lives of Scouts in the Utah National Parks Council. These generous donors have funded programs, capital improvements at camps, and contributed to the endowment fund that will ensure the council can continue to work in the lives of youth for decades to come.

Home and Hearth HyrumIn a recent event in St. George, Hyrum Smith, co-founder of Franklin Covey and incoming council president, spoke to current and potential Keepers of the Flame about the importance of Scouting in the area. The event was held at the home of one of our current Keepers and attendees mingled over hors d’oeuvres before listening to Hyrum share his thoughts.

Hyrum shared his personal experiences with Scouting, along with stories of people who are watchmen on the tower, ensuring that our young people are safe and prepared for their future. He shared his commitment to support Scouting, thanked everyone in attendance for their efforts, and invited them to join the Keepers of the Flame society if they hadn’t already done so. Several in attendance accepted this invitation, with others to come in the coming weeks

The Arapeen District is hosting their own Keepers of the Flame benefit dinner featuring Hyrum Smith at Snow College next month. The event will include current Keepers, small business owners, community leaders, and others who have a vested interest in the Utah National Parks Council and its programs. The Arapeen District serves 4,482 youth and adult members in Sanpete, Sevier, Wayne and Garfield Counties. Proceeds from the dinner will be used for the 2016 Friends of Scouting and capital campaigns to help the Utah National Parks Council better serve its growing youth population.

If you are interested in hosting or participating in a future Home and Hearth event, contact Paul Tikalsky at or Clint Lawton at

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Author: Utah National Parks Council

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