By John Peterson
May 29, 2017

How Selling Smart Saver Cards Taught This Scout About Self-Reliance

I received a note from a Scout in my district recently. He was so excited about paying his own way to camp (and much more), that I had to share his story:  

“Hi, I’m Sean Bezzant. My friend Preston told me about selling Scout cards. He was selling to earn money for a leadership training Scout camp. He also showed me the really cool backpack that he earned selling cards last year. I helped him for a few days, then decided to give it a shot on my own. 

I got 36 cards from the Scout office. I went with my little brother to houses around our neighborhood. Surprisingly, I sold all of my cards in just a few days.

I got credits to buy a bunch of camping equipment to use at my Scout camps. I found out there was still time to keep selling cards, so I thought I would just go out whenever I had some free time and see if I could earn more money to go toward my $100 Scout camp fee, and get a cold weather sleeping bag.

Sean and his spoils.

It was hard some days. It snowed, rained, and I was tired a lot of the time. But, I decided to work hard and do my best to sell all that I could. My brother helped me. He is a Cub Scout. We wore our Scout shirts and took a bag with treats and water. We wore warm clothes and good shoes. My mom took us to different neighborhoods that we were familiar with. Some neighborhoods I didn’t feel good about, so I didn’t stay. I always told my mom where we were going and had a phone with me. 

Sure enough, we were able to sell most of the cards I took. In total I sold over 60 cards. I was amazed at all I was able to earn. I was able to spend over $600 at the Scout store. It paid for my camp, and all of my gear including: mess kit, sleeping bag, back pack, a knife, camp chair, head lamp, hammock, tree straps, knife sharpener, survival kit, and a few cool things for my brother. 

Sean and his brother.

A lot of people are very supportive of the Scout program, and loved the discounts on the cards. They are things people save money on every day.

When I told my Scoutmaster that we should do it as a troop next year, he said he wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. I asked if $600 was worth it for the troop. He was shocked and is definitely going to do it as a troop next year! 

Thank you for this great opportunity! I learned a lot and feel great about paying for this summer’s campouts on my own. “

                                                    – Sean Bezzant, Troop 1192, Cedar Hills 7th Ward

Author: John Peterson | District Executive, Iron Horse District, Utah National Parks Council

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One thought on “How Selling Smart Saver Cards Taught This Scout About Self-Reliance

  1. AvatarAubrey Carpenter

    I’m so proud of Sean! I was fortunate enough to help him with the turn-in process and it was so fun to see how excited and proud he was. The first time he turned in money I gave his his portion, he went down to the Scout shop and spent most it and then decided to come back upstairs again to get more cards to sell. This is a great opportunity for troops, young women, or individual boys to raise money for camp, gear, and activities.


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