By Darryl Alder
Mar 12, 2015

The Council’s Journey to Excellence 2014

journey-to-excellence1How do you know whether your unit offers the best possible experience for the Scouts and Venturers you serve?

You keep score.

Well anyway, that’s what  Bryan Wendell, senior editor of Scouting and Eagles’ Call magazines, says and I agree. Today was our day of reckoning with the BSA in our Annual Council Charter Review.

For the past five years, the National Council has measured  continuous improvement efforts through the Journey to Excellence for packs, troops, teams, crews, districts and Councils. During the past two years, my Council assignment has included strategic planning and a good dose of the Journey to Excellence with its accompanying continuous improvement.

Scouting’s Journey to Excellence (JTE) is based on many of the best practices used in the corporate performance measurement field today. JTE gives you specific, measurable ways to track success based on a number of key factors like camping, service, advancement, training and retention.

Those packs, troops, crews, ships, teams and posts that really shine earn either bronze, silver or gold JTE status for the year. Those that don’t learn from other units and benefit from an early warning system that gives them plenty of time to make corrections.

Districts and Councils may qualify by meeting either determined or performance improvement standards. So when you look at our scores below there are lots of Bronze and Sliver, and even some no scores, but our improvement  was Gold for the second year in a row.  Here’s our ratings:

Journey to Excellence—Finance


  1. Fiscal Management: Bronze with 100 of 300 possible pointsscreenshot_04

  2. Fundraising: Bronze with 75 of 200 pointsscreenshot_05

  3. Endowment:  Silver with 50 of 100 pointsscreenshot_06

    Journey to Excellence—Membershipscreenshot_13

  4. Market Share: Gold with 300 of 300 pointsscreenshot_08

  5. Membership Growth:  Gold with 300+ of 300 pointsscreenshot_09

  6. Youth Retention: Gold with 200 of 200 pointsscreenshot_10screenshot_11screenshot_12

  7. Cub Scout Advancement: Silver with 50 of 100 points

    Journey to Excellence—Programscreenshot_19

  8. Cub Scout Advancement: Silver with 50 of 100 pointsscreenshot_14

  9. Boy Scout Advancement: No score wit 0 of 100 pointsscreenshot_15

  10. Cub Scout Camping: Gold with 100 of 100 pointsscreenshot_16

  11. Boy Scout Camping: Silver with 50 of 100 pointsscreenshot_17

  12. Community Service: Gold with 100 of 100 pointsscreenshot_18

    Journey to Excellence—Unit Servicescreenshot_20

  13. District Executives: Gold with 300 of 300DE

  14. Commissioner: zero of 100 pointsunits per commisioner

  15. Unit Visitations: zero of 100 pointssix visits

  16. Voice of the Scout: zero of 100 pointsscreenshot_34

    Journey to Excellence—Leadership and Governancescreenshot_29

  17. Council Leadership: Gold with 200 of 200 pointsscreenshot_35

  18. District Leadership: Silver with 50 of 100 Pointsscreenshot_30

  19. Unit Leadership: Bronze with 25 of 100 pointsscreenshot_31screenshot_32 screenshot_33

Every year since 2011, the Council has shown continuous improvement in the Journey to Excellence process. For most standards we have both the determined standard (we’re doing well) and an improvement standard (we made a significant improvement.) Continuous improvement is part of the standard setting process too. We try each year to make things a bit better, but with a overall score of 2000 fpr Journey to Excellence Performance for 2014 2015 could be a real challenge for us. However, like everything else in Scouting, Journey to Excellence should be fun and it should be fun to plan to get better, then to do it and then to be recognized for it.

So how did your crew, team, troop or pack do in 2014?

Author: Darryl Alder | Strategic Initiatives Director, Utah National Parks Council, BSA.B2Y by FOS Final


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